5 must for tourists in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Once you have set your sights on taking your vacation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, you will probably be the one who wants to get close to a wonderful beach. Now this will not just be about a beach, but a number of different choices of just the one you fall for. You will simply fall for all these stalls and find it difficult to choose. Just as much, you will also like the place itself and this tourist resort, which was created entirely for the purpose of attracting you as a tourist. This without removing the beauty and culture that exists in the country you are visiting.

When it comes to Playa del Carmen, this is also a tourist resort located on the well-known Yucatán Peninsula. This is the real Mexican Riviera. Here you will find quality, nightlife and a fantastic paradise to holiday in. This exotic landscape offers you palm-fringed beach strips and exclusive coral reefs. Simply put, Playa del Carmen will be one of the perfect places to visit in Mexico for all those who love the underwater world. Quite simply, no one who visits this resort in Mexico will feel dissatisfied. Playa del Carmen always has something that makes everyone happy.

Playa del Carmen

Accommodation in Playa del Carmen

When you visit Playa del Carmen you will come to an exotic paradise. Here you will find all the wonderful types of hotels and accommodation that you usually see on film. How about staying at a hacienda with tremendously lovely lighting and a wonderful pool. You can do this only 200 meters from the city center. You should also not think that it is especially expensive to live in this place. Here you will find accommodation in hostels and hotels from prices as low as SEK 500 per night. Two good suggestions that you can book before the trip can be found below:

  • Hacienda Real del Caribe Hotel: Quick description A very popular hotel where you get luxurious accommodation and a perfect pool to relax in after a day of exploring Playa del Carmen.
  • Hostal MX: A hostel located 300 meters from the city center, which offers very high quality accommodation at a very low price.

This is what you will find in Playa del Carmen

When you like sunbathing and swimming, you just have to visit Playa del Car. This is the slightly more luxurious and high-class you will find regarding the bathing life in Playa del Carmen. In any case, you get tired of swimming all the time. When you want to discover what the city itself has to offer, you will also find plenty here. Here you can go and take a photo of yourself in what bears the name Portal Maya. Here you have a direct look at one of the most talked about Mayan statues in the whole world. After this you can go and check out the large Aquarium Beach, where you will find all the Mexican fish gathered under one roof.

You must also not forget all the cozy restaurants and cafes that exist. Here you will find such good food and drink that you will never want to go home again.

5 must for tourists in Playa del Carmen

5 must for tourists in Playa del Carmen

How are you? Do you like someone telling you what to see and visit during your vacation? No, we do not either, but we know that you who are traveling will always check something when you go to a foreign country. Here we choose to call this the must, but of course they are not. There are four things you can live without when visiting Playa del Carmen, while there is one thing you can not do without. In addition to this enigmatic sentence, all the five things we describe in this article will be well worth seeing and discovering during a vacation in Playa del Carmen.

Aquarium Beach

Yes, here you may think that this is the name of the next beach you should visit for a wonderful dip in the Caribbean, but then you are completely wrong. This is about an aquarium where you can find no less than over 200 different fish and marine animals. You who want to can discover this interesting and beautiful place on your own, while you who want to know everything take a guided tour.

Xcaret & Xcaret Park

As for the Xcaret, this is an archeological park where you can see buildings and other historical ruins from the Mayan culture. This is about a place where you go back to the year 250 AD Only this can take a whole day to explore. Here there are guided tours or the opportunity to take a hike on your own.

After this, you have in connection what is called Xcaret park. This is about an ecological and archeological park. Most of this is about water, which means that you who like to snorkel and dive fit in well. If you like to explore caves, this will also abound.

Nightlife in Playa del Carmen

Of course, Playa del Carmen will be a very popular place for young and middle-aged visitors. This will also be the perfect boy or girl trip. This is about the large selection of nightlife in this tourist resort. Here you will find popular Playacrawl and L´Ambassade which are the two hottest nightclubs. If you like the nightlife in bars and pubs, then you will also be the one to find your place at night in this city.

When the palate needs its

Even if you go on holiday, you will not survive without food. In that case, Playa del Carmen will also be the perfect place for you to get hungry during your vacation in Mexico. This is because the range of domestic and traditional food is very large, as well as the fact that you will find everything from high class French to Italian cuisine. You will also find everything from very good prices on large portions of food, while you will also find the best restaurants that give you that little extra on your plate for a few hundred bucks extra.