Panitaje on Ice to Practise Sport in Winter

Winter tends to be a time where he just most of us get to practice sport in the open air. Cold and adverse conditions make us feel not like too, and why this time tends to be a time in which we tend to gain weight easily. Nevertheless there are some sports typical of this time of the year as the ice skating, in most cities we can find tracks intended for the practice of this sport. That is why on this occasion we want to stop us on the benefits of your practice.

Ice skating is a sport that has much to do with the conventional skating that practiced usually much more in the spring summer months. The only difference is that the soil is more unstable, and the point of support is less, because it’s a knife that we must maintain the balance to avoid us. The rest of the exercise is practiced as well as conventional skating, simply must slide smoothly along the track.

This sport involves a great job of the undercarriage, Indeed all the strength of the activity will support her legs, which are that will work directly for all the movement that leads to this activity, which is to move on the ice with skates legs are that will endure any pull. The different movements will affect almost all of the muscles that make up the train top, so it is a good activity to achieve a complete toning legs.

But not only the thing stays there, but when it comes to skating and keep balance while we move we do directly affect the muscles that make up the trunk or the middle part of the body. It is what we know as muscles of the core. Along most of the time when we practice skating what we do is to keep retracted this part of the body, so the tension in the area is high, because the trunk stabilizers are actively involved in the exercise in maintaining balance and get a proper development of all movements.

The aerobic work It is something that we must bear in mind, is that it is an activity in which the wear is high, and our body energy requirements are high, because we put to work many muscle groups that consume energy in large quantities, burn calories and maintain active metabolism in midwinter, a season in which it is necessary to activate it to get a great energy consumption.