Pamplona: Presented The Program Life+Respira

Last week in the Planetarium of Pamplona arose the project Life+Respira, a joint project of research, dissemination and promotion of the use of the bicycle in the capital of Navarre.

The main objective of Life+Respira is to measure the pollution that urban cyclists are exposed and get a map of the pollution of the air in Pamplona. To this end, a group of cyclists will take installed meters of five indicators, developed by the company Kunak, that transmit each ten seconds the levels of:

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • Nitric oxide (NO)
  • Ozone (O3)
  • Concentration of particles and black carbon

The devices also measure conditions of temperature, humidity, speed and location of the cyclists.

All these data, GEO, is stored for its subsequent analysis. And this is a real mine. The Department of geography at the University of Navarra is developing GIS maps of the city of Pamplona. Crossing the sensor data and information from maps, infinite possibilities to get to know the State of pollution and what you can do to alleviate it. For example, is may describe how influences the vegetation urban, If them streets wide or narrow presented different levels of pollution, the influence of the climatology, of the traffic, of the type of endowment urban…

Jesús Miguel Santamaría, technical director of the project, said that it is expected that sensors are also located in private cars and buses, allowing you to clarify if cyclists are more or less exposed to contamination than other road users.

In principle are 50 voluntary cyclists that meters will take on their bikes, with the outstanding collaboration Messaging bike Oraintxe, which operates in Pamplona for more than fifteen years. Eneko to. of Oraintxe also has given his version of the presentation, if you want to read it.

As the main objective is to create a map of urban, pollution volunteers will not remain completely free itineraries: to ensure sufficient data, sometimes they will be asked they deviate for the full map.

Here’s a suggestion: If cyclists followed completely free tours, project would also learn about the best and worst streets of Pamplona to circulate in bike, giving valuable clues to City Hall to find out where it needs to act. And incidentally, the average speed of cyclists in town, real journeys could evaluate an always-interesting fact. Anyway, safe that from here goes to leave a lot information and the challenge not will be get more, but process which is collect. Surely the geographer Department already is thinking about everything you can do with it.

The program also includes actions of dynamism and visibility of the use of bike in Pamplona, a city that not highlights by be very friendly with them bikes. My impression is that mostly seek measure the quality of the air, and surely is subsequently when is undertake performances of broadcasting and promotion of the use. Resources for this not them missing, as you can see in your detailed website.

Life+Respira is going to be developed by the University of Navarra, the CIEMAT (under the Ministry of economy and competitiveness) and the public company Navarre Ganasa, with joint funding from the European Commission’s Life programme and the company floors of Tudela. This last company wants to know the effect of their catalytic pavement ecoGranic, a type of coating that has the capacity to break down nitrogen oxides.