Rubber Bands and Wrist Bands, Two Gifts for This Christmas

Christmas is here and just not realized us, but we have to think of gifts and presents for the most loved. On this occasion we want to recommend two gifts for the most lazy who do not practice sport and who don’t want to leave home to do it. We are going to offer two • Read More »

Influence of Genetics in The Development of Our Body

In training in the gym, it is impossible not to mention on countless occasions the genetics of each person and what has to do this in their results. It is true that although it seems a fallacy and something totally conversational, genetics is crucial in achieving results or others in the gym. It is true • Read More »

Panitaje on Ice to Practise Sport in Winter

Winter tends to be a time where he just most of us get to practice sport in the open air. Cold and adverse conditions make us feel not like too, and why this time tends to be a time in which we tend to gain weight easily. Nevertheless there are some sports typical of this • Read More »

A Way of Doing Pull-Ups to Impinge More on The Dorsal

A strong and well toned back what many of those who attended the gym are looking for when it comes to train this part of the body. In many occasions have highlighted the dominated as one of the most complete to work the back, as well as influencing the whole of the upper train. In • Read More »

Most Common and Specific Training to Start Training

One of the objectives which the majority is set for the new year is to go to the gym to improve their health and their physical. This is a good goal, but in the majority of cases don’t know where start in training in the gym. It is true that monitors represent an important guide • Read More »

Bombards Your Arms So They Grow

Many of us have dreamed of someday having arms perfect, big and hard as rocks but have always thought there to be hundreds of thousands of repetitions of our biceps and triceps. Today we are going to explain a routine for bomb the arms so they grow in thickness and volume.

How to Choose a Good Gym

In a previous post hablamso you need to be aware at the time of going to a gym, but something very important to do this is that gym that we go is in a condition that we invite to come rather than being a reason for abanadonar our sports. So from HowStuffWorks we are going • Read More »

How One Dominated Correctly

After spending hours in the gym and see make hundreds, rather thousands of dominated by hundreds of people at HowStuffWorks have given us realize that many people don’t know how one dominated correctly, so we decided to get a couple of videos and an explanation of how this complicated exercise.

Four Different Ways to Work The Numbers

To work the dorsal There are different exercises and many of them have unveiled them before. Normally in training routines we perform a number of them from the back which work in different ways. A classic when working this area of the body is known as remo to dorsal, an exercise that is present in • Read More »

And Art Contest

Disclosure Also read Bicicromia – graffiti Pine River bike path on Some graffiti artists use your art to generate reflection about our way of life and the society in which we live. The most famous is perhaps Banksy. You’ve probably seen anything about him in the press, as the image on the side, one of • Read More »

The Inauguration Of The Popular Leisure Bikelane

The new snippet of the Bikelane for leisure in Sao Paulo’s already signaled. Although the opening is scheduled for 23 January day, with tape near the anniversary of the city, this Sunday what he saw was a lot of people using the new. Sustained by the signaling and containing themselves the few cars that solved • Read More »

World Bike Tour 2011: SP Back Pedaling Home

This text refers to the event of 2011. To back pedaling in 2012, inquire here. Next Tuesday 25, the third edition of the World Bike Tour Sao Paulo, a bike ride of the “cable-stayed bridge” to the USP, the runway of the Marginal Pinheiros, in the city’s birthday holiday. Who managed to register wins a • Read More »

Tip to Take the Subway to the Bikelane for Leisure

Santa Cruz subway station is relatively close to the Parque das bicycles, one of the “ends” of the Bikelane Sao Paulo leisure. And on Sunday, subway trains (and also the CPTM) accept the transport of bikes all day. Updating: with the opening of the stations of the yellow line on Sundays, arriving by subway was • Read More »

Back Pedaling the Bike Tour 2011? Tell Me How It Was

This text refers to the event of 2011. To back pedaling in 2012, inquire here. After the Bike Tour, experienced cyclists in cycling in the street followed who wanted back pedaling, was home to the subway or back to the point of exit, in cable-stayed Bridge. Understand the reason for the action. We set up • Read More »

The Rider’s Square Is The Square Of Citizenship

Rider square, in São Paulo, is the meeting place of cyclists for many years. Since before it was called that. In fact, that’s why she won that name. But that everyone already knows. In addition to the meeting place, the square of the cyclist is starting point of the Bike Ride of the month Pedalinas, • Read More »

Mobility and Bicycles in Amsterdam, Live, 12:00 Am a Day

Reproduction To have a slight idea of what life is like in a city that gives priority to other forms of transport than the individual offset in automobile, it’s worth taking a look at this webcam, provided by TERENA (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association): The camera broadcasts live 24 hours a day, what’s going • Read More »

Frightened Driver

Earlier today, when I was going to bike to work for a quiet street, an oncoming car behind me waited patiently for more than one block, until you have the space that he judged it safe to cross. The street was one-way and relatively wide, there was room for overtaking. Still he waited. When exceeded, • Read More »

Who Else Suffers From The Chaos In Traffic

On Wednesday, February 16, the rains punished Sao Paulo. And punished by the choice of burying its rivers, waterproof your soil and heat your air with the burning of fuel and the withdrawal of almost all your green. No, not Jose Serra who more suffered from the chaos of yesterday, of course not. He was • Read More »