Is a Pleasure to Go to The Gym in Summer

After a few days in the gym now that summer has begun, I have to say that it is a pleasure. It is not that before it were not so, but it is now clear that there are fewer people, a less charged environment and all at our disposal. No doubt, go to the gym • Read More »

Different Ways to Relax and to Enhance Muscle Development

Train, weight lifting, running, jumping, walking … all of these actions are fundamental to keep us in shape and get a body in perfect condition. But we are not machines, and why our muscles have a stop and can reach a few levels of effort. For this reason the rest is an essential part of • Read More »

Failures Most Common to Make Kick Butt

The kick butt It is a classic within the workout routines when working the lower part of the body. Almost all we have ever done it in different ways, since there are varieties of the same, because we can do without weight in the machine pulley, with buckled ankle weights… It is an exercise that • Read More »

Side of The Buttocks on Fitball Abduction

The work of buttocks It is something that worried everyone, keep a firm buttocks and in perfect condition is that most of those who attend the gym are looking for. For this reason, and to get it in the simplest way we will present in this occasion an exercise to achieve this. It’s one side • Read More »

Bosu Exercises: Leg

In the past have talked about a tool that increasingly is taking more importance in many people training routines, it is of the bosu. As many already know it is a kind of fitball with a flat base on the one hand, allowing us to make plenty of exercise on this device. For this reason • Read More »

Some Tips for What to Do When in The Gym Is Crowded

January is a month in gyms, since after Christmas, and with the entry of the new year are many that are set for the purpose improve your fitness with a view to the spring and summer. These purposes what it does is to increase the influx of people to gyms. The overcrowding is something that • Read More »

Harmful Effects of Steroids

In search of the perfect body many are those who made plenty of sacrifices and resort to techniques dubious in achieving increased muscle development. This is the case of many people to improve the results of your workouts casting hand of known substances such as steroids, that you act directly in our muscle performance, greatly • Read More »

Lift More Weight Does Not Gain More Muscle, a Practical Example

Don’t let us fall into the trap of lifting huge loads losing technical and workload in the training session. And is that lift more weight is not synonymous with gain more muscle, Since we can prematurely fatigue the muscle and not provide the stimulus needed to grow it.

Tips Vary The Routine and Keep Losing Weight and Improving Our Body

The stagnation in workouts is an evil that affects many that we went to the gym on a regular basis. Stuck is a risk that many run because of the realization of that repetitive routines just innovate or include new activities. Stuck will take us not to surrender everything that we have and not to • Read More »

An Exclusive Exercise for Each Area of The Abdomen

Get a flat belly It is one of the things that we promise more with the arrival of the new year. Do everything possible to get it is in our hand, and therefore it is necessary that we put us hands to work as soon as possible. On countless occasions, we discussed what is the • Read More »

If The Machine That You Need Is Busy, Do Not Stand Stand

Yesterday almost all agree that January is a time of massification of gyms and the biggest problem are waits in training. Many times we plugged in the train and suddenly the machine we need is occupied. If you don’t like to wait or to despair to seeing how others work and you do not, don’t • Read More »

Pelvis Lift: an Easy and Effective Year to Work Gluteus

The buttocks they are one of the most attractive parts of the body in both sexes, and their functionality goes far beyond aesthetics, why, we can not include his work in the training routine. Today we show you a easy and effective exercise for buttocks, It is of the elevation of pelvis in soil, also • Read More »

Fear of Losing Muscle by Doing Cardio

In the world of hypertrophy or muscle mass gain, there is a much-talked-about fear: losing muscle mass because of doing cardio. This fear is neither true nor false, just have to see how we do the cardio: intensity, frequency, duration and type of actidad. If we check well these parameters the cardio should not assume • Read More »

Pull-Ups and Push-Ups, Exercises More Highlights of 2010

Throughout 2010 we have recommended many exercises to work the different parts of the body. Many routines and different variations of the most classic and used in fitness. This is why on this occasion we wish to highlight the exercises that we can consider as the star of this year that will be for different • Read More »

Abdominal with Hands Suspended in Two Ropes

After Christmas excesses the goal of many is to get a belly in perfect condition. For this reason work again the abdominal It is one of the priorities that many have. Learn new routines and ways of working the abdominal wall is something that is never over, and therefore on this occasion we want to • Read More »

Use The Training Partner as Loading in Certain Exercises

On countless occasions mentioned the important thing is to have a training partner When it comes to go to the gym. In this way it is always much better to perform the different workout routines, since the support of another is always welcome and is us a note of interest and encouragement to be able • Read More »

Training for Men and Women, Are a Myth?

Environment to exercise there are many false myths and many beliefs that in the majority of cases are not certain, as are almost always built on tradition and Word of mouth. This is what happens with the distinctions established between men and women. Always exercises suitable for women and others have been established only for • Read More »

Triceps Kick Trasnuca, a Risk If Not It Make Correctly

There are typical exercises of almost all the training routines. Many monitors tend to put them in all tables both for beginners and for people who have more time in the gym and have much more control of your body. One of these exercises is the triceps kick after nape with dumbbells. This year almost • Read More »

An Exercise to Work The Obliques and Get a Stronger Abdomen

Search one abdominal perfect is what many of us pursue. For this reason we are always presenting exercises that will help us have an abdomen in perfect condition. We almost always focus on exercises that take into account only the upper abdominals and lower. This time what we will do is to present an exercise • Read More »