New Ford Electric Bikes Are Designed to Combine Its Use with The Car

After showing in the past MWC in Barcelona its first two models of electric bicycles MoDe: Me and MoDe:pro, Ford has introduced a new prototype associated with the idea of sustainable mobility that connects car, bicycle and an application It’s the manager that helps to plan the urban routes in a more efficient manner.

The new prototype is called Ford MoDe:Flex and this time the design is more classic than the folding we saw in MWC 2015 but maintains the idea of complete line: to be able to make more compact to carry it in the trunk of the car or public transport in a comfortable way. In this prototype picture is folded in half in a very fast manner.

Much technology associated with the electric bicycle

That Ford has shown this folding bike is nothing new within the segment. Is the series of technology and sensors that has integrated into its new range, with 200 W motor and maximum speed of 25 km/h when we use the pedalling assistance.

Among the AIDS associated with security we like the idea of the handlebar that vibrates when detected the presence near a car in our sense that rider tune your attention, high-power LED lights or the indicators of change of address or braking.

The pedalling assistance management takes into account our heart rate and there is always information on the status of the battery and remaining autonomy.

Novelty is also the arrival of an application for smartwatch It complements the application with which the user could know the State of traffic, car-free parks, forecast weather or even fitness, and based on those data, draw a plan of an electric bicycle by car or public transport mobility.