Music Video Brings The Thrill Of Attending A Bike

The video for the song Kings and Queens, the band 30 Seconds To Mars, shows a Critical Mass, known locally as Bike or critical mass. For those who already rode in one, with hundreds of people, it’s exciting. For those who haven’t had the pleasure … Watch and imagine yourself there in the middle. Who knows you don’t buck up to participate, or organise a in your town?

Some interesting points in this video:

A guy dressed as an Indian with a tall bike. The 2:33, a scene that resembles the vision you have in the rider’s Square of Sao Paulo, at Avenida Paulista. In 3:26, the art of Banksy (on the side) comes to life. Later, the 3:50, a situation that scares any cyclist. Until it freezes the heart to hear the noise.

This sensational video was sent by Bruno Gellert, brother of pedal which, along with the Denny Mr. Sachtleben, gave me an unforgettable cicloviagem by Serra Catarinense as parting gift when I got back from Florianopolis. Thanks for the reminder, brother. Each went to one side, but the memories are forever. Life is the


A music video with bike that thrills me every time I watch this one, reminiscent of the good feeling of a cicloviagem. And no wonder: a cicloviagem changes our perception of the world.

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