Minorca: Ciutadella Institutes Detected Use Of Bike Fall

The director of the IES M. Àngels Cardona and a professor at the IES Josep María Quadrado, Ciutadella de Menorca, denounce is Diari de Menorca campaign for fining minors by the obligatory use of helmet has reduced the use of bike among their students.

The news, in is Gazette.

According to Joan Lluís Pons, director of Cardona,

Not all is punish, but should be strengthen more the shed pedagogical so the measure is accepted by them own kids.

And according to the Professor Pere Ferrer, from the Quadrado,

Is clearly perceptible that these days there is less bikes. [It is] inconsistent is required the town to children and not adults when, in theory, the risk that they run both is the same. To the long, will pick up the habit and all take helmet, but costs more if see that those adults not it carry.

While still evaluating to eye, actually not can tell nothing. Has so-called the new law any improves in the consequences of the accident? Some body is evaluating it?

There any other campaign of fines in force? Do you know of any city that we have seen legislative change? Can be for well, keeping the use of bike but using more the helmet, or to bad, maintaining or reducing the use of bike, what can be pernicious even although is use the protection.