Merge on a Treadmill with a Bicycle? It Is Possible and Fun, But Not Cheap

Multitude of models of electric bicycles, as the RĂ­mac, of great autonomy, or the somewhat more affordable Sondors we have seen this year that is about to end. But what proposes Lopifit goes somewhat beyond, integrating a treadmill on the bike.

Thus the displacement is not pedaling, but walking, so that We can go upright how we do this by walking in one of those tapes holding what may be a more comfortable position. Lopifit is also the name of the Dutch company that is behind this unique vehicle, although its distribution is not limited only to this country.

A gym mobile and convenience

The idea was born more than two years ago, when Bruin Bergmeester began working on an initial year design until in 2014 had the first prototype. As we read in The Culture Trip, this first model liked and thus attained a greater support for the development of which would be the final.

You can in fact that we have seen it at its draft stage but already with the final design, since we can find appearances on television in date of 2015, where also specified that it is not even on sale.

Thus, is not per I know of an electric bicycle as that cited at the beginning, but It is a hybrid between tape and bike with electric assistance. As they explain and show, go with it does not require any learning beyond take into account some aspects such as the position of the feet at the start of the March (and are advised to familiarize yourself with it before you start on the street).

Thus, displacement is headed “bike” as the user, even if there is a way to cruise that allows you to go with the action of the motor. In terms of their autonomy, a full charge gives to some 95 km to a maximum speed of 30 km per hour, According to the manufacturer.

The Lopifit are available for sale in six different colors both in Europe and United States. They have web page in Spanish and from there can be ordered, whose final cost are 2,420 euros given that in the preview is not accounted for VAT (shipping is free).