Marcia Prado – Cicloturistica route is this Saturday!

Last year, approximately 1000 cyclists came down the mountain from the sea toward the coast from Sao Paulo through the route Cicloturistica Marcia Prado. This Saturday, December 18, she will be open again…

The route Marcia Prado is a suggestion made by the Manicstreetjournal path, for the authorities to create a kind of attractive and safe for the cyclist to reach the coast. The course is modeled on the last trip the cyclist Marcia Prado held in life.

Despite being in the process of approval and formalization, the route is not yet open, so it’s good to take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the way. We still don’t know when it will open, or when it will be possible to go down again.

The path is very nice, especially if you do it, passing the island of Borore. There are two ferry crossings for the dam. It’s a ride that is very worthwhile …


In 2009 the route had as a starting point the Grajaú CPTM station. This year, she will be signaled from the start of the bike lane of the Marginal Pinheiros, Vila Olimpia station of CPTM, leaving the city of Sao Paulo and Sao Bernardo do Campo, Serra do Mar Park, Cubatao and Santos

There will be an opening to the morning 7:00 output at this point of the bike path. You can enjoy and leave along with the great mass of cyclists will depart from there at that time. Recommend, will be a lot more fun.

If you do not want to or cannot get out with this dough, don’t worry: the route will be all flagged with white boards with yellow arrows.

The only concern is to get to the Park of the Serra do Mar to the 3:00 pm, will be allowed to enter in it by this time, so there’s no risk of having to ride within the Park at night. So, the suggestion for those who are starting in the Cycling is out at 7:00 in the morning along with that money coming out of the bike lane, so there will be enough time to get to the park with quiet and without forcing too much on the pedal, and has time to resolve possible problems with support of other cyclists as volunteers of the Manicstreetjournal who will be on the way.

Distance and level of difficulty

Leaving the station Vila Olimpia, the route has 60. Alternatively, you can do it from the Grajaú, decreasing the route for 50 miles, since the loading of bicycles will be released that day (only in the Vila Lobos stations, University City, Pinheiros and Vila Olimpia).

Although the coast be ” down there “, the path is long and there are several climbs along the way, in addition to the excerpts on land, and can be considered a route of average difficulty for cycling.

The route is indicated for people who already ride with some regularity and that have no physical problem. A good way to know if you can make the path with tranquility, is performing a pedal in the town about 40 kilometres in an interval of 3 hours. If you can do without great difficulty, there’s a good chance that you are able to go the


Will give Beach?

If you go down early, you can still enjoy the beach. The cities of the coast has many cycle tracks and you can take advantage of to wade through them, meet a nice restaurant, have a coconut water, put your feet in the sand. You can return the same day or spend the night in a hotel or hostel to enjoy the Beach the next day. Only recommend to buy in advance the passage from the back and be careful not to miss the bus schedule.

Tips for beginners

Touring cyclists

Do a review on your bike and especially the brakes, if necessary change as they will be required on the descent of the mountain. At the entrance of the Park of the Serra do Mar, Manicstreetjournal Institute volunteers will make an assessment on each bike, noting especially the brake system; If they are not in good condition, will not be allowed the access to the Park, to avoid accidents.

Is in your path on paved streets, but about 20 km on dirt road. Ideally, the bike has hybrid tires, since the Earth, if it’s not raining, you can be covered with asphalt tires without major problems.

Cruz/if you’re going to sleep on the coast and need to take clothes off, install a trunk on the bike and put your luggage on it. In the back take at most a hydration backpack. Carry a lot of weight in the backpack can leave your back and shoulders aching.

If you’re coming back the same day, our suggestion is to go back to the Jabaquara bus. If you come from out of town, the best thing to do is to park the car near the station Jabaquara and from there follow cycling to the station Vila Olimpia of CPTM. But I don’t ride by the Avenida dos Bandeirantes, use this suggested route to go to the station,

If you moisturize a lot during the trip and feeds. If you have a hydration backpack, take it; If not, I suggest bringing a big bottle of water in the trunk. Never pedal thirsty or hungry: are indicators that it’s past time to hydrate or feeding. Eat before you feel hungry, drink before you feel thirsty. Take dried fruit, hydration, gels and bars even a snack if possible. If you feel hungry stop and eat. If you’re thirsty and the water has finished, ask a little for someone. Pedal not hungry or thirsty in any circumstances, the journey is over.

If you have any questions, send an e-mail to and the volunteers of the Institute will help clarify your questions.



Prepare your bike and join the Walk route Cicloturistico Marcia Prado. It’s a trip you won’t forget.

This year is expected to be a mass of 2000 cyclists. Join us and let’s show how much we want this route for the next year, established in definitive and allowing us to access the shoreline with our bikes. Be part of this fight, so that we can celebrate this achievement in 2011.

See you

By the way!

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