Mandatory Helmet: Associations Requested Amendment Back To The Senate

Leo percent wind ‘s blog Alfonso Triviño, of the Association of Professional Cyclists, and I now hear that several opposed to the mandatory cycle helmets associations have sent a request for amendment to the Senate with respect to the text agreed at the suggestion of CiU . that we talked in his day still can stop the law, although it is complicated. it is necessary that the political groups in the Senate listen to them. it has much better Alfonso own:

This text [the approved in Congress] has passed the Senate, who has a first period to submit amendments to the text submitted by Congress and be submitted before February 5, but presumably will be expanded. Well, collective cyclists have reapplied to the parliamentary groups in the Senate to assume as their own amendments that have not been able to accept in Congress for being rejected by the overwhelming majority of the Popular Party.

In any case, once the Senate draft the amendments, they will return to the House of Congress, which must vote on them to either approve them, so that the final text will incorporate them or reject them, so the text will be exactly which it submitted to the Senate and to be the result drafting legal text in force. Therefore it is very important that the PP senators accept these amendments, because it is so complicated that fellow members of the same party put off some amendments adopted in the Senate.

The idea is to give the political groups in the Senate on work already done, so they can apply either return to full of law (for procedural reasons , but also due to lack of justification and timing of the proposed measures) or amendments specific to certain critical points of the Act.

The associations have drafted the proposal are the ACP, the Association of Brands and Bicycles of Spain AMBE, the platform Conbici, the Business Platform of the Bicycle Lights, the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation RFEC and the association Ciclojuristas. To all of them, thank you. If interested, you can download and read the full text of the amendments proposed. and below you can read the proposed by Congress to the Senate text.