Maluaka Beach

Maluaka Beach – Turtle Beach Hawaii

Maluaka Beach, which stretches between the Nahuna Point coastline and Black Sand Beach near Makena, is known as Turtle Town Maui.

Although the area in Makena Bay is very large overall, the name Turtle Town refers only to Maluaka Beach. Many visitors come to Maluaka Beach, on Maui’s south shore, to snorkel with the many turtles. The white sandy beach with palm trees, on a calm blue sea, also invites every visitor to relax. But not only turtles await you while snorkeling, but also many colorful fish and shimmering corals on a reef in the sea.

The main attraction, however, are the Hawaiian green sea turtles, which you can swim alongside.

However, these turtles are not green as their name suggests, but brown. That’s why they’re sometimes a little hard to find when you’re lying down in the sand. Sometimes they are also confused with dark stones.

Most turtles can be found here on the southern part of Maluaka Beach, where the coral reef begins. Many turtles even swim in shallow water as they find plenty of food on the reef. Don’t just look for the animals in deep water. In addition, these impressive green sea turtles are not easily disturbed, so you can swim very close to them. There are also boats that take you out to sea to see the turtles. So watch out for individual boats, they usually stay where there are many turtles.

When you go snorkeling with the Hawaiian green sea turtles, you’ll often see the colorful little surgeonfish swimming around the turtles. They eat algae and parasites from the shell and body of the turtles and provide physical well-being for the turtles.

Visit this beautiful Hawaiian beach and discover its natural beauty. Maluaka Beach is one of the lesser-known beaches on Maui. Because the beach isn’t as well known in Hawaii, it’s mostly used by visitors to Makena Beach & Golf Resort, which is nearby. It’s rarely crowded though, so there’s plenty of room for everyone.

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Activities at Maluaka Beach Maui

Maluaka is sheltered from the trade winds behind Haleakala Mountain in Haleakala National Park. Due to its sheltered location, it is one of the warmest beaches on Maui. Its mostly calm sea is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, boating and fishing. The seabed is sandy, but underwater there are rocks to bump against.

The beautiful soft beach is also a great place to relax and enjoy the sea. In the early hours of the day you will find many stand-up paddlers on the beach. There are no lifeguards on this beach in Makena Bay.

At the edge of Maui ‘s Turtle Beach is a lawn with picnic tables. Showers and restrooms are located at the extreme southern end of the beach near Makena South Golf Course. Golfers can spend their free time in the golf resort, the golf course offers a wonderful view of the open sea. The highlight here is also a sunset on the beach of Makena Bay.

Flora & Fauna at Turtle Beach Maui

In addition to the turtles in Turtle Town Maui, countless sea creatures cavort in the water, which can be admired while snorkeling. The following animals can be discovered here while snorkeling at Turtle Bay Maui : parrot fish, bass, soldier fish, surgeon fish, butterfly fish, octopus, crustaceans and many more. In addition, a large coral world with many different plants unfolds under water.

American carob and palm trees grow along Maui’s beach and provide shade. Sometimes whales can be seen from the beach cruising past the Hawaiian Islands.

Despite the bay’s sheltered location, you should always be vigilant as all beaches and ocean locations in Hawaii can be dangerous. All coasts and beaches in Hawaii can be visited by sharks, jellyfish and other dangerous sea creatures.

Accommodation on Maluaka Beach

If you want to visit Maui’s Turtle Beach, stay at the Makena Beach & Golf Resort, formerly the Maui Prince Hotel. The resort is a very nice property right on the beach in Makena Bay. From the property’s old name Maui Prince Hotel, the beach is still referred to by locals as the Maui Prince Beach or Prince Beach.

Keawala’i Church

At the northern end of Maluaka Beach, across from the parking lot, is another attraction, the Keawala’i Church. A beautiful old stone church built in 1832. Two services are held here on Sundays, which everyone can attend.

Getting married on Maluaka Beach

People like to get married on the white sands of Maluaka Beach and celebrate at the Hotel Makena Beach & Golf Resort in Makena. Maluaka Beach is a popular choice for Hawaii weddings because of its quiet sheltered location with white sand beach and ocean. In addition, this place gives wonderful wedding photos. Not everyone has a sunset wedding photo on the beach in Hawaii.

Directions to Maluaka Beach

Maluaka Beach is south of Wailea at the end of Makena Road. Beach access is down Makena Road. There is a small parking lot on Makena Road from which you have to walk about 100 meters to get to Turtle Beach.

There are two parking lots. At the north end of the beach, there is a parking lot opposite Keawalai Church. A second parking lot at the south end of the beach is behind the Makena Beach & Golf Resort on the south shore of the island of Maui.

Address of the Maluaka Beach attraction on Maui

Maluaka Beach
Makena Rd
Wailea-Makena HI 96753

Maluaka Beach