London: Walthamstow is Not Miniholanda

It hears much it of “this not is Holland”. Perhaps we begin to also hear “this is Miniholanda”.

Walthamstow, a district in East London so unknown that it has no article of the Wiki in Spanish, being these days news in the British media by an unusual test. Within the program called “Miniholland” (“Miniholanda”), funded by the district and Transport for London, want to test the calm traffic and more adequate infrastructure for the use of bikes. The planned total investment is 100 million pounds, 127.3 million euros to change today, which will be 30 M GBP (€38.2 million) for Walthamstow, and will include two districts of greater London, Kingston and Enfield.

From the 26 of September, have cut temporarily eight streets of Walthamstow to the traffic, to evaluate the response of residents and businesses. And the thing is being disruptive. More information at Citymetric and Waltham Forest Council has the complete documentation in English. If you want photos and interviews with residents, there is a great entrance on the blog of Laura Laker.

The thing has raised much dust. It is one of these polarizing measures that people loves or hates; they are mounted two collected signatures, one in favour and one against the project.

The Parliamentary Labour of this district, Stella Creasy, has directed a request formal of information to the Council protesting by the lack of information perceived. And the meeting that explained the traffic court, on 16 September, it was also somewhat stormy, as it is customary whenever advises some traders of pedestrianisation schemes. Nothing that we have not seen here.

What is very different to me is how the parliamentary Creasy has reacted and how raises it the Council. Creasy has mounted a survey online to find out what is the opinion of their voters on this project. And Twitter are asking opinions on the label #miniholland.

Moreover, the own Council of the district plans to ask in some 4,500 homes of the area what is your opinion of the project, for know your opinion and know if is possible any improves.

I.e.: not is giving it reason to who protest, that tend to be the collective more scream and visible to the most silent. They ask first and then we will see.

In Madrid, meanwhile, the project of new APRs of which so recently talk seems that is going to save in a drawer because the City Council has caught fear. Only has made missing a meeting.

All just like, eh? The budget, how to react and assess the measures, all tracing… To the end going to be truth that from that the mobility sustainable is unpopular, at least in Spain.