Logroño: The Strange Case Of The Inaccessible 2

Access by public transport

It is also possible arrive by bus: line 7 goes the neighborhood of El Arco, at the West end of the city, to the estate. On weekdays there are only 7 buses in each direction. It is likely that these schedules are not perfect to go to work, or bus most arrived, convenient but at least there’s the possibility and have tried to adapt to the needs of workers, which is not little.

Well, when the bus arrives and one wants to walk to your destination, is now with another problem: there are no pedestrian crossings enabled. The Avenue of Mendavia has the speed maximum regulated to 60 Km / h and the courageous pedestrian is forced to play is the type, run and jump a medium of concrete if has the bad luck of work in a company that is to the other side of the street.


Logroño Town Hall has numerous complaints on the table citizens and enterprises of the polygon in respect of this issue, many received during the period of involvement of PMUS – which we have already spoken on this blog and who seem to have not very present.

To long term, the PMUS is confident the access pedestrian and in bike to the fifth bridge. Being honest, it seems more likely that we can go to the Cantabria industrial estate on the back of a flying Unicorn that crossing the Ebro by the fifth bridge, at least in the next ten years.

Meanwhile, the work of the avenues of the Sonsierra and Mendavia connection should in part alleviate this problem. But addition to not there is date for make it, for many travels, especially which come of neighborhoods of the this of the city, go until the bridge of stone having more near the of the to-13 is a rodeo difficult of understand. It is likely that many pedestrians and cyclists in a hurry continue illegally using or taking too many risks on the bridge of the A-13.

There are other solutions that seems that not be have raised. Do not know why.

Enable pedestrian crossings

Would really is tolerable and normal there is no or a single pedestrian crossing in 2 kilometers from avenida? It will be on an industrial estate, but it continues to be a street.

Expand the A-13 current bridge sidewalks and enable via cyclist

This solution would require agreed project and work with the Ministry of public works and seems, in General, the cheapest and most effective. It reuses an infrastructure already existing and is enabled for new circulations. Could require sidewalks or roads additional parallel to the highway. But even know if is feasible: do it would allow the structure of the bridge? what cost would have? how much time is would take in agree work and budget with promotion?

The City Council raised this solution to the Ministry?

Create a footbridge pedestrian and cyclist parallel to the bridge

To the feet of the bridge of the to-13 are the Park of the Ribera, to the South, and a zone of soto semi-wild, to the North. To the South, too much adaptation wouldn’t need to connect roads pedestrians and cyclists already existing. To the North, clearing and choose a point whereby enable sidewalks would require and cyclist. At least what we have seen in the area, there is sufficient space to enable a connection. It would have to resolve who owns the boundaries and who takes administrative and financial leadership to take the work forward.

By indicating the infrastructure Plan, and in the light of other similar works, this alternative would be around 4 million euros.

The proposals of the Town Hall of Logroño

The Infrastructure Plan includes two footbridges, pedestrian or mixed to save the Ebro:

  • a joint between the District of the cube and the Norias (budget: 4.6 million + VAT, planned for 2022)
  • Another pedestrian between the Park of La Ribera and well Cubillas/cemetery, about 400 m stepped to the East of the stone bridge, to create a recreation area in the pit Cubillas (budget: 4 million + VAT, scheduled in 2019).

We have nothing against the empowerment of recreational areas. However, the connections Cubo-Norias already have with three bridges or gateways near to less than 1 Km of the point planned, and them journeys towards them Norias is usually do by leisure to the treat is of a Center sports. The influx to Las Norias, according to the PMUS is 1.196 people a day; the estate of Cantabria is 3.268. The inhabitants of the District of el Campillo also could benefit from better connections with the Center and the neighborhood’s hub, but not expressly mentioned in the Plan.

On the other hand, access to the well Cubillas/cemetery is currently through the stone bridge. The new runway would save about 400 meters to the passer-by, a distance that it travels on foot in 5 minutes. Also declared in the infrastructure Plan aims to create a new recreational area for the city. Fits the possibility of that also take advantage of this gateway them inhabitants of the District of the Campillo and who live next to the cemetery, but the Plan of infrastructure not them mentioned. It seems, therefore, this new gateway will be used also for leisure.

The journeys to the estate of Cantabria, on the other hand, are forced: people go to work, not to do sport or hang out with the family. In a hurry.

Towards the this of the city, the last bridge enabled for access pedestrian is the of stone, and the new runway planned in the well Cubillas, although is 400 m more to the this, is to more than 2 km of the bridge on the to-13. This means that from the areas of the city more next to the polygon, them of the this, and with them works planned, is force to them pedestrians to give a rodeo of as minimum of 1 km if want to cross the Ebro to foot as it proposes the Town Hall. And that will enable the LR-113, acting without date.

With these Wicker, what appears is that the City Council gives priority to leisure and sport against the labour movements. We do not understand it.

The gateway between the bucket and them Norias has its sense because helps to create plot urban, and because the distances between them others bridges and gateways are relatively large. But we don’t see him sense the gateway for well Cubillas. The purpose is entertainment and still save just 5 minutes ride.

It is not realistic to expect to make the C / San Millán bridge. Even is clear that go to make it.

A footbridge from the same budget to the Cubillas well, but most located near the industrial estate, or even in parallel with the current bridge of the A-13, could save more than a 10-minute walk to many workers. Can make viable going on foot or by bicycle to work, a situation in which we are forced to use the car.

Not would be grateful those 3.268 people if at least one part could go to foot or bike to work, saving money and health? Isn’t it more important to ensure the safety of workers by giving them good to go to work than the comfort of leisure travel? Not have asked several companies, by written, that is solve the connection pedestrian with the polygon?