Logroño: The Strange Case Of The Inaccessible 1

There is an industrial estate less than 3 km from the Centre of the city, but that can’t be reached on foot, or by bike. At least, not in acceptable conditions. Is is of the polygon Cantabria, close to Logroño but to the other side of the River Ebro, and with an influx daily of nearly 3,300 people, according to the PMUS.

Perhaps a stranger case is them, but there are many cases like this: poles of interest close physically, but isolated by poor planning of access. Is a penalty: is a problem really easy and cheap of solve, if in truth someone would like to fix it.

Dear administrations: when luckily access to any type of infrastructure, have the goodness of remember you of them pedestrians and them cyclists. Exist.

The itineraries proposed by Google Maps. Image copyright of Google.

If you want to go the Town Hall of Logroño to the estate of Cantabria, the main obstacle to save is the Ebro river, which can be crossed via four bridges and a pedestrian walkway in Logroño. Google Maps indicates that there are 5 minutes and 2.8 kilometres drive. But to foot there are 45 minutes and 3.5 kilometers: there are that give a rodeo of 700 meters to avoid the motorway. And cycling, although theoretically it could, you have to choose between circular by the hard shoulder of a motorway or a regional road without shoulders.

In any other route, 3 km could be walk in 40 minutes and bike in less than 20. But none of the routes to the estate can walk or bike safely go. And this is so by bad planning or carelessness of several authorities, the Town Hall of Logroño, the community autonomous of the Rioja and the Ministry of promotion, holders of them different way, that not have been capable of find a solution to them displacements to this destination.

Back to travel. The entrance is long: you sorry for the extension, but seems necessary.

Spain’s shortest motorway

The shortest route from Logroño to the Pol. Cantabria is the highway to-13, possibly the highway more short of Spain, ownership of the Ministry of promotion. Measuring only 4 km and connects the bypass LO-20 with the N-111 in the direction of Viana and Oyón, crossing the Ebro. Was it makes more than 20 years, and at that time the MOPU – or as the Ministry – called then did not foresee accesses for pedestrians or cyclists. You can see that walking was poor then.

Although the cyclists can circular with helmet by this via, not is comfortable or safe go in bike by the arcen of a highway. At least it gives us fear. Even so, accompanied by cars and trucks to 100 Km/h, you can see cyclists playing type.

Them pedestrians even can go legally by this route, but many it make of all forms: there are roads improvised to the margin, even on the batter side, that communicate parks and streets with the highway or that it accompany out of them guard-rails. The bridge over the Ebro has a few “walkable” aceritas, that no pedestrian – do not comply with rules – that at least walkers avoid the use of the hard shoulder.

The sidewalks of the bridge over the Ebro in the to-13. Image of Google Maps, copyright of Google.

The Ministry of promotion not seems have even consciousness of that to daily use this bridge pedestrians and cyclists, and that know not has manifested no interest in adapt even the sidewalks of the bridge. Do not know what would be the budget of that work, but not believe that outside a quantity very high. Certainly well below the 14 million that is being spent this same body on the link of the Autovía A-12 with the same LO-20, few kilometers to the East of the A-13, which includes a new bridge over the Ebro. A bridge whole, new; for that yes there is money.

And if not can or wants to one go by the highway, has of crossing the bridge of stone of Logroño and follow by the old road of Mendavia, the LR-131, that then continues in Navarra as NA-134.

The road without shoulders

The road of Mendavia, LR-131, is ownership of the community autonomous of the Rioja and measures less than 7 km. runs beside the Ebro and is very nice make it to foot or in bike… In the stretch by which passes the road of Santiago, as denouncing people on Facebook of to the gigs in Bike: then doesn’t even have hard shoulders.

LR-131 in its urban stretch next to the Puente de Piedra de Logroño. Image of Google Maps, Google copyright. Over the stretch of the Camino de Santiago, the LR-131 lacks arcen. Image of to the curro on bike.

In the summer of 2014 strengthened the firm of this road, with an investment of 166,000 euros, but not expanded existing verges. Perhaps is should to is planned, at least on the role of the Plan of infrastructures of Logroño, the connection of them avenues Sonsierra-in the Campillo, to the North- and Mendavia, with “special attention to the connection with the road of Santiago”.

The drafting of the summary in the Plan is worrying: want to expand capacity road with two lanes by sense, but although is expected sidewalks, not seem to have in has no infrastructure or forecast for bicycles. And it is not known with certainty when you can run, although there is a forecast for 2019.

If expected connection with the hypothetical fifth bridge that would prolong the Calle San Millán, also provided for in the Plan, but will likely not see it ever. The construction project is 2004, and there remains, tucked in a drawer. Is budgeted at 5.2 million of euros. The forecast of execution of the fifth bridge in the infrastructure Plan is for 2022, and that doing.

It would have been possible to include a hard shoulder broader in the LR-131, to the view that this work has no date, but the community has preferred not to do so. If is meets the forecast of the Town Hall, the LR-131 will have sidewalks from 2019, so us are at least 5 years of expected.