Logroño: Can Or Non-Circular Portals Bike And Pedestrian Streets?

Have been news them cyclists of Logroño by the bike ride of the Saturday 17 of April, convened to denounce the incongruity of the Town Hall of Logroño to the start to fine by circular in bike in portals. Are going to have just the facts for understanding why you have such anger.

The promises

Back in December 2012, the current Interior Councillor and spokesman of the consistory, D. Miguel Sainz, communicated in press conference coexistence Ordinance modification for, quoting,

“.. .permitir the circulation of those cyclists in double sense by the streets pedestrian”

.. .and we are pasting of the Town Hall press release.

Indeed, the Town Hall fulfilled partly his promise and in March of 2013 modified the famous Ordinance, that was with this wording.

The modification of the civic Ordinance of Logroño in regards to use of “pedestrian” streets.

Attention to that of “marked”. Marked, but how?

He cluelessness?

The logical step of City Hall should have been, simply signal to this effect the Calle Portales and which would have been necessary, and here peace and after glory. To the end and at the end, with this purpose is modified the Ordinance.

But in the two years since the adoption of the measure so far has not changed any signal in portals. Nor has warned or fined anyone until this month of April. And that is on the PMUS, of December 2013, as a measure to be carried out in the short term, before the end of 2015. Within the City Council it is not clear who has failed his task to “forget” this signaling.

The calle Portales also goes on the PMUS as via cycling through Logroño from East to West and vice versa, as part of the route 2 of this document, approved in plenary in December 2013.

This is the only signal specific of bikes that there is in the C / portals, to its input by wall of the Carmen.

The use of de facto

From the Town Hall, the assumption of the character of via cyclist bidirectional of portals is so patent that is includes, besides in the PMUS, on the map of itineraries cyclists of January of 2013. And in them brochures and materials of coexistence that distributes, is includes a summary that comes to say it himself. That have news, never is has fined or warned to anyone by using them in the two senses, until now.

The street portals, as other pedestrian, is comes using since then by cyclists in them two senses, without us showing problems of coexistence, at least by this cause. Is a route very demanded in its step by streets pedestrian, because the alternatives are or much more long (Avenue of Portugal, Park of the Ebro) or of much traffic and slopes (C / North).

It is an alternative to portals along the parallel streets (Marqués de San Nicolás, called the largest, and the cavalry Street), where beech agglomeration of pedestrians, as often happens on weekends and evenings of good weather. This alternative is comfortable for the rider because it can travel faster and without dodging pedestrians. But the City Council does not seem to have diffused. And if we stick to what says the City Council, nor it was probably valid, because both streets are one-way for vehicles.

The inexplicable decision to fine

If the people used portals in two senses, in addition to because is a route logical for many journeys, is because repeatedly the Town Hall it has indicated, diffused and allowed.

With one blow, someone, do not know if Councillor, technician, police or Righter of wrongs, he realizes that “marked” is not clear or not met at all and decides to start putting fines for this concept to some unsuspecting poor circulating through portals to the Town Hall. Indicates the Councillor who have been few, but the problem is that is not understood to put any. From there all this stir.

It is the Town Hall who created this problem: you are creating insecurity among bikers when applying rules arbitrary, or at least sudden and unexpected.

Worse still, nor is has planned no alternative, as a simple route of substitution, spread the new standard, nothing. The vision legalistic of the Town Hall, or of part of this, les makes think that all the world reads the BOR and knows the normative to the imply. And if not there are route, you’re in car.

The judgment of Zaragoza

He Town Hall argues that a sentence of the Court Supreme to the with regard to the Ordinance cyclist of Zaragoza forces to signal them itineraries and routes cyclists in areas pedestrian. You have already spoken on this blog in the same sentence, on the other hand very controversial: lay the cyclist Ordinance of Zaragoza, allowing travel on some sidewalks and pedestrian areas.

The motivation of that sentence is that them bikes are vehicles, and them vehicles not can invade the sidewalks or the areas pedestrian. With this excuse the Town Hall WINS time and claims that hope to clarify the mess legal while still without solving this problem.

Indeed, the regulation General of the circulation prevents to all type of vehicles circular by “the sidewalks and others areas pedestrian”. And this us seems great: already have spoken here of that the best site for them bikes is it booted, whenever the speed of them cars is moderate. But while at first glance this seems correct, it turns out that portals, Calvo Sotelo, or servants of Jesus or the majority of streets called colloquially “pedestrian” in Logroño are really pedestrian.

It’s restricted-traffic streets: have access to vehicles, or for loading and unloading, well for residents to park in their garages. Almost all of them have a band of defined tread that circulate these vehicles. If we were to strictly apply this rule, creating completely pedestrian areas, would absolutely prohibit access of vehicles. Loading and unloading, nor access to garages.

This is what defines on sidewalks and pedestrian areas Annex I definitions of the law of 1990, traffic , we can even force (the law’s 2014 is a modification of the previous and the annexes remain in force). Portals not is none of of these things: by portals circulate and parked vehicles to daily.

  1. sidewalk: longitudinal area of the road elevated or not, intended for pedestrian traffic.
  2. pedestrian zone: part of the via, elevated or defined otherwise, reserved for the movement of pedestrians. Included in this definition the sidewalk, the platform and the promenade.

Annex I of the law on traffic, vehicle engine and road safety of 1990

As well as, this sentence of the Supreme not can apply to the street portals or to none of them others. And in any case, if it were applied, nor could understand why City Hall, in a display of arbitrariness, decides to fine only in the calle Portales and not in the rest of streets of the same type: what are we playing?

The response

From Logroño in bike not them has been more remedy that demand, simply, what is had promised and approved in full: can use portals in both senses, as well as the rest of streets “pedestrian” of this city. And put the signage that is necessary so that everyone knows the standard and act accordingly. Us seems normal after 2 years of waiting.

Possible solutions

In first place, this problem not is exclusive of Logroño. We know that in Huesca, in Valencia, in Madrid, in Paris and in Europe allowed solutions based on signage and clearer legislation to authorize this type of trips in both directions, “pedestrian” or restricted streets to traffic. So there are technical solutions to kicks and surely there is a satisfying and not too much face. The most obvious is to harmonize legislation and signage, which seems not especially complicated.

On the other hand, the penalties are counterproductive to solving the problems that want to attack. Hear that some portals shopkeepers complain that there are people that circulates in bike too fast, or very attached to the facades, or does not go down when there are many pedestrians on the street as enjoyed by the Logroño.

The way of resolve those problems is educating to them users and giving itineraries alternative more comfortable, as that quote of the C / Marqués of San Nicolas and chivalry. Not only is to give clubs: also make missing carrots.

The user type adolescent or irresponsible circulating as it should not not daunts fines, because it or bother to know the regulations or likely that caught him and put it. On the other hand, this regulatory uncertainty scary bikers “good” trying to know and respect the rules.

And we believe that Logroño will make you take more and better cyclists.