Logroño: Alternatives For Public Information

The Town Hall of Logroño, despite have issued recent Ordinances in favour of the transparency, seems to be reluctant to release according to what types of information. For example, although we know that are measurements of capacity of vehicles (count of number of cars circulating on our streets), it is difficult or impossible to get that information. Similarly, although it is obliged to inform the DGT urban, claims data is not published the memory of the Local police and if you ask for by instance, they denied it. At least, have denied it to me.

But today there are alternatives to obtain this information, direct or approximate.

Alternative to the gauging: noise maps

Urban traffic is the main source of noise in our cities, as any acoustic engineer can confirm them. And many cities, among them Logroño, produced a map of noise. From Logroño did Sincosur in August 2014, and is available for download on the website of the City Council.

This document includes the levels of noise total and those caused by the traffic road. Road noise is correlado with the amount of traffic and speed, giving us a great tool for locate the quieter streets: are the quietest. Or the less noisy, according to will look.

Data from claims by municipalities of the DGT

Second, has not been possible to obtain the data of urban accidents in Logroño from City Hall, for reasons that we were not able to understand. But as already discussed in his day, the DGT has hung in its web reports in PDF of the claims by municipalities, among which is includes also Logroño. In the portal of statistics by municipalities of the DGT can locate yours.

Thanks to this us learned that in Logroño died 2 pedestrians, 22 were wounded with need of hospitalization and 100 mild to consequence of accidents in via urban, in bicycle there were 3 injured hospitalized and 21 mild, and in passenger cars there was 2 injured hospizalizados and 172 mild, all this in the year 2013.

The evolution of the accident not seems to allow that is identify trend, although between 2012 and 2013 there are variations of the-6.95% in the number of accidents total and + 32,14% in the number total of deceased and injured hospitalized.

If your City Council nor want to release figures, look for them: there are alternatives to find them.