Knowing of Bike Region of Maceio (AL)


The bike is one of the best ways to get to know a city or region. You spend at a pace where you can see details, get a feel for the place, talking to people, doing parades where and when you want not to lose no time, image or important person.

At the same time, the bike could achieve much greater distances than if we walked on foot. On that day, we cycled 68km and met various towns around Maceio. I could see and know the region. Things that wouldn’t have seen in places I wouldn’t have visited.


To give an example, tell you what I saw in the city of Coqueiro Seco. After a hard climb to the top of the town, we stopped at a little shop to ask for information on the way. Behind the counter, some beautiful breads, which Carlinhos at first didn’t put much faith, but I didn’t think twice: ” me see one of those with lots of butter “. After hearing the noise it made when I chewed the crisp bread, which was very good, Carlinhos solve order one for him too and regretted.

But that’s not what I want to tell you, while I did enjoy stopping there to try a local bread and talk a bit with the people of the place. While we were there eating, passed a car selling cotton candy and Jaw-breaking, calling children by the speaker. So far so good; What surprised me was that they announced that not only sell, but exchanged plastic, glass and aluminum cans for the candy. Intelligent reasoning: so he can add more recyclable material and children can candy that, otherwise, would not have to buy. I’m a child, I was just about to look plastic and Tin down the street every day…


To know a place, you must know the people and your culture, you are the greatest wealth of the land. Use bike, take your time the scenery, talk to people on the street and know the best where you drive would pass in a hurry too much to enjoy.

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