Interview with the Candidates for Mayor of Sao Paulo

Quote below which is on the site Manicstreetjournal. The questions were written collectively by several cicloativistas paulistanos, with revisions and suggestions along the previous week. For several days we tried to conduct interviews with the candidates, with the suggestion to meet them where they were, but it was not possible to make this official schedule with the candidates. The cyclists came out then looking for candidates on the streets, to try to talk to them and, with much effort, ended up getting. Read and watch. The future cicloviavel of your city depends also on the

Your vote.

To fellow cyclists of other cities, is the invitation to perform similar action whenever there is an election. Democracy who makes us.

Ran behind the two candidates competing in the second round of the city of Sao Paulo, to know what cyclists can expect of them over the next 4 years. We contacted the campaign committees, early in the second round, to try a broader interview with about eleven questions drawn up by several cyclists.

Unfortunately we can’t schedule anything officially with both candidates and the solution was to leave the hunting, this adventure would make a story. We learned that Marta would participate in an action in the Campo Belo, at noon, with construction workers. We decided to approach her on the street and it worked. Unfortunately she asked to reduce the questions, because could not give us more than 5 minutes.

Kassab, already knew he would give an interview on Radio Eldorado the 7:00 pm. The channels, we can’t a fitting on the Mayor’s agenda. But my friend Felipe Aragonez (responsible for filming), Radio reporter Bike Eldorado, got a permission to get on the radio to try to approach it at the end of the interview (I don’t even have to thank Radio Eldorado by force, because without it we’d only have to interview with a candidate). The Mayor made no restriction and could do practically all questions.

Below are the videos of the two interviews, and soon after the transcripts. If you haven’t decided who to vote for, try to draw its conclusions. Anyway it’s nice to know the level of knowledge of the candidates, about the problems of cyclists from the city of Sao Paulo. In addition we now have a document so we can collect from the future mayor (a), the commitments made during the report.

Interview with Marta ex-prefeita, EN

Interview with the current Mayor Kassab, DEM

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Transcript of interview with Marta

Manicstreet journal: the bike is has always been associated with Green and Environment Secretariat (SVMA) and never the Secretariat. The CET has 4 (actually it’s only 3) staff to take care of the bikes, and 3400 (the correct are 4300) to take care of car. Because of this discrepancy, the DEPARTMENT cannot make a bike path. To make a bike path she has to make partnership with the subway, Sub-prefectures. In other countries, which created cicloviarios systems, they create independent bodies, with a lot of people qualified to come up with a plan to cycle to town. In your Government you can create a body to handle just the bike?

Marta: I don’t know if I can make that promise, but for sure I can Transport. It’s absurd that she’s on SVMA, you’re absolutely right. I think we can take for the transport and create a small core, with people who understand what you might think. What I find unacceptable is to create any new path, without thinking of the

Cycle path.

Manicstreet journal: for example the new Radial that could have been made with the bike path. I know that you didn’t know about the law, in fact no Mayor served this law to the letter …

Marta: this is something that we can review.

Manicstreet journal: in some cities outside of Brazil, the sense of security in relation to the cyclist, does not come from the fact that there are bike lanes, and the respect of drivers in relation to cyclists and pedestrians. You agree that in 4 years, the rider will have the certainty that you will not receive any closed, because he knows that the driver was polite and that he will respect the crosswalk, for example?

Marta: I love your question because I believe this is very doable here in Sao Paulo. First you have to from two things. Education for the rider, this has to be done. The driver to the cyclist, but more than anything, if we get the traffic flowing within a normal range, with more bus lanes, and from this decrease, with better public transport, fewer cars on the streets, we can order, for the Motorcycle courier, for the rider, for all. I agree with you, that ideally, the driver of the car, have the perception of the respect that he has to have. It is a matter of making educational projects. I think we can even create small jobs, young people who can work in that area…

Manicstreet journal: Yes, work as bike-shipping for example… To take the bikers from the streets and turn them into cyclists, I think something doable.

Marta: have to see as the bikers are how many kilometers?

Manicstreet journal: a cyclist who works with deliveries, stop pedaling, on average, 80 kms a day. The last question is a challenge. The Madam agrees to go to work once a week, or by month, by using other means of transport other than the car, not worth taxi or helicopter, using public transport, on foot, other means of transport other than the car?

Marta: once a week?

Manicstreetjournal: nce a week or a month…

Marta: No, once a week no way…

Manicstreet journal: as you will show that public transportation is good if you don’t believe in him? If public transportation is good for you, good for the population.

Marta: I vow to improve public transportation, I pledge myself, if elected Mayor, in 4 years, you have a much lower speed of fluidity in traffic, ops, a much greater fluidity. I vow to have bus lanes, 228 km corridor. Commit myself to any highway or via, have bike path. That I can commit myself. The rest, I walk on public transport or not whatever, I see no difference.

Manicstreet journal: Yes, I mean that you believe in public transportation.

Marta: I believe in public transport, I did the single ticket, I have shown what I believe. Could speak some 300 lies to you, ” the whole week I’m going to walk on public transport “. It has no meaning, what I’m talking about is more important. I’m talking I’m going to fix traffic, I’m going to do 228 km of corridors, will equip the CET …

Manicstreet journal: will put cyclists to make supervision rather than bike? Since it is much better to a bicycle on the sidewalk than a pickup of the CET.

Marta: great idea, these commitments are common sense, I can commit.

Transcript of interview with Kassab

Manicstreet journal: the bike has always been at the registry of the Green and the environment (SVMA) and never in the Office. The CET has 3 staff experts in bike and 4,300 specialists in car? What can you do to solve it, how to put the bike in the Department of transport, or put on cyclists CET instead of bikes to create an internal culture …

Kassab: after many years, we have in the city of Sao Paulo, effectively a policy toward the rider. We recently opened cycling route from the East, with radial City Hall resources transferred to the subway, so it could do with more easily, because it is an area adjacent to the subway across your extension. Did   the bike lane of Parelheireiros, we are in conjunction with the State Government doing the bike lane of the marginal project. It is clear that to the extent that the US advances in a public policy to create new cycle paths you need to have more human resources because it will grow the need to get back some of the public administration in the process of administration of bike lanes. Unfortunately this is a finding of fact from previous Governments who’s moving in our Government.

Manicstreet journal: Bogota, a city example, created a Department just to take care of of bicycles. For example, the DEPARTMENT has many difficulties to do projects. The bike lane of Radial had to make partnership with the subway, the Marginals will be in partnership with the State, the Capao Redondo is a partnership with the Subs City Hall, because she does not have the autonomy to run it all. What do you think of creating a registry, not only of the Bike, but Not Motorized displacement in the city, comprising also the pedestrian?

Kassab: the idea is not bad to have a structure, is a Secretary, either within a registry, aimed at the development of cycling in the city of Sao Paulo. A city the size of Sao Paulo, it is clear that a matter of this importance, there has to be an area dedicated to this.

Manicstreet journal: one of the great difficulties of the rider is to make the transposition of the rivers. No bridge in Sao Paulo was designed for the crossing, not only of the cyclist and pedestrian. The Lord has a plan to resolve this problem in all the bridges of Sao Paulo?

Kassab: This is the objective of this working group, created by the Government and City Hall to create the bike lanes of the marginals. And the bridges are the biggest challenges that we have, that will create access to the.

Manicstreet journal: the idea is that the bicycle path of the marginals, solve the problems of the bridges of Sao Paulo?

Kassab: to make a bike path in the marginals you need to make the problem of access to her.

Manicstreet journal: there is a law requiring establishments with large influx of people and have bike racks, one of the major problems of the cyclist in Sao Paulo is to reach a supermarket store and having no where to park. This law exists, but there is no sanction? The Lord undertakes to regulate for the cyclists can charge the regulation of establishments?

Kassab: our effort is towards gradually go adapting the city of Sao Paulo in the process of encouraging and strengthening, with the legislation. Everybody knows that happened on our management and we will continue doing.

Manicstreet journal: a few more questions, has the issue of integration of public transport bicycle …

Kassab: This already exists today, the subway stations with bicycle racks…

Manicstreetjournal: only deploy bus terminals also…

Kassab: the important thing that is being implemented in partnership with the City Government of State.

Manicstreetjournal: In many cities outside of Brazil, Bicyclist safety comes not from bike lanes, comes from respect of the driver in relation to the cyclist and pedestrians. The Lord is committed to an educational campaign for the driver to pass the respect bicyclists and pedestrians, or even 4 years from now we can be sure that the driver will respect the crosswalk, as the law says?

Kassab: definitely, it is essential to the educational campaigns for the citizen who is not cyclist knows to respect the rider.

Manicstreetjournal: the Lord would agree to go to work once a week, or a month, of a means of transport other than car or helicopter? To show the population   I use public transportation because I believe in the public transport

Kassab: I’m not telling you that I can make that commitment, but I can tell you that I have done more than that. I have routinely used the public transportation up to assess the level of service. I go with my advice, because I got home, I’m on the subway, walk, bus between terminals, so I wouldn’t even have to make that commitment because already do.

Manicstreet journal: the Lord will keep doing so?

Kassab: I’ll keep Yes, without compromise to be with an average, because my average is bigger than that.

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