Internship At Our site: Tim Introduces Itself!

Our site offers the opportunity to students who took advantage of opportunity, an internship in the editorial office to complete-Tim p. from Hamburg and applied for such an internship with us. Read on if you more internship at Our site want to know about Tim.

Internship At Our site Tim Introduces Itself!
My name is Tim, I am hobby anglers and come from the beautiful city of Hamburg. I will an internship at Our site the next three weeks, having hopefully have fun and learn something new about fishing!

I myself learned the fishing of my grandfather. He lives in Ostholstein and took, when I was on vacation, visiting my grandparents, to go fishing me. We set ourselves at the Club Lake, tossed the rods into the Lake and enjoyed nature.

Mainly we have seen it in our seats on eels. Unfortunately carp, small bream and Roach stole the worms from the hooks us frequently. But mostly, we started at least an eel! There were also days because we have fished specifically carp!

Grandma made the best fish

We have pulled out some big fish in our Club Lake: in addition to eels and CARP also tench, Pike, perch even trout. The best part is that my grandma then always perfectly prepared the fish!

Gladly I will butt, herring, mackerel, cod also on the Baltic Sea, where to fish sea trout and also garfish. It is also fitting that my uncle is fishing and lying on the beach by Weissenhaus on the Baltic Sea a private small boat with outboard engine.

Internship At Our site Tim Introduces Itself!2

With the fishermen on the Baltic Sea

So we go out into the Hochwachter Bay. My favorite place for sea trout is the cliff left next to the white houses Beach! Actually getting what’s going! Do we want to catch cod, we continue beyond a little boat on the sea!

Sometimes we lay nets also just before sunset to pick them again early the next morning. This is always very exciting, because pretty much fish in the net!

My goal

I want to start absolutely still a Pike perch, this is one of the fish that I never started. I would like to meet fishing from the groynes on the Elbe near Hamburg!

Internship At Our site Tim Introduces Itself!3

Fact sheet

  • Name: Tim p.
  • Age: 14
  • Home: Hamburg
  • Hobbies: Football, photography
  • Favorite-Angel art: Fishing
  • Favorite waters: Baltic Sea
  • Favorite fish: COD
  • Biggest fish: 71 cm-long carp

Comment now: Tim has never caught a Pike perch-what tips do you have for him?