Increase the Muscles in a Healthy Way

In search of a body more defined, many people spend hours at the gym daily. But, in order to build muscles efficiently, you need to do more than bodybuilding with frequency. “In fact, doing exercises every day is harmful to the muscles. Who is trying to work the muscles, care must be taken before, during and after physical activity,” explains physiologist Givanildo Matias.

Increase the Muscles in a Healthy Way 1

A few tips can help you in time build muscles in a healthy way. Check out the care to help prevent injuries and make your workout more productive.

Take it easy in the beginning

Who ever did exercisesneed to start slowly. Try to gain muscle in the first few weeks of training can be an error, since the body needs to get used first with the practice of physical activity.

“The best way to be sure that the muscles are being exercised in the proper manner is always to have the assistance of a professional. It is he who will show you which exercises may or may not be made, according to the characteristics of each person,” says physiologist Paulo Correia.

A good tip for those who are starting the practice of physical activity is to seek aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling and pilates, to improve the physical fitness before more strenuous exercise.

According to Paulo Correia, a work of muscular endurance, where there are more repetitions that high load is the most indicated in the beginning of the work. This will give a larger skeletal structure and muscle for the next stages of training.

Don’t forget the heating

Before any exercise, do at least 10 minutes of warm-up is essential. In this way, the muscles will already be oxygenated and irrigated, even before the practice of exercise itself, which improves the functioning of them and prevents injury.

Increase the stretch to the finish

According to the physiologist Givanildo Matias, stretching after training is essential for muscles to recover from the effort made, in addition to re-align the muscle fibers that were used during the weight training.

Relax the muscles

It is important not to overload the muscles with consecutive days of exercise. “In general, 24 hours are sufficient for there to be a recovery of the muscles. But if the job is excessive, you have more recovery time should be a little higher. So the follow-up of a professional is very important,” explains physiologist of sport Paulo Correia, Unifesp.

This caution should be bent with the muscles in the abdominal, as if overwhelmed by many sets of abdominal muscles on consecutive days, may be weeks injured.

Careful with the shakes of protein

According to Paulo Correia, if well used, supplementation with protein may be used. “It depends on evaluation of training, feeding, state of health. But supplementation can be recorded and assist in the process of muscle mass gain,” says the physiologist.

However, a person who replaces your meals for protein shakes and keep the rhythm of training, it spends its glucose reserves of the body, you lose muscle mass, and runs the danger of getting malnourished or have a crisis, glycemic.


In addition to the exercises, the power can be used as an ally in the hour of building muscles in a healthy way. “A diet deficient or evil can directly affect the performance and the result of the training, mainly by the consumption of deficient or exaggerated of carbohydrates moments before the physical practice,” explains the nutritionist Maria Luiza Bellotto, specializing in Sports Nutrition.

The consumption of protein becomes even more important when the person is undergoing a period of training. “The proteins have the function of repair the locking up and tearing, which occur as a physiological process normal when practicing physical activity, and to provide regeneration and the formation of new muscle cells. They also have a fundamental role in the formation of hormones in general and in the transport of nutrients by the body,” explains Maria Luiza.

In addition to the proteins, it is important to consume vitamin B12, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Among the main foods that are sources of these nutrients are olive oil, egg yolk, red meat, pineapple, soybean, cherry, spinach, watercress and broccoli.

Stay tuned to fat

Remember: having too many muscles is not synonymous with good health. In addition to gaining muscle mass, you need to get rid of body fat, to be more protected from diseases like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

For more that weight training will help you lose weight, cardio exercises are more efficient for this purpose. “The aesthetic part is also influenced. Many people with the muscles worked, just not appearing, as they have a layer of fat that hides the muscles,” says physiologist Paulo Correia.