“I Want an Electric Car for Less Than 15,000 Euros”. Here What You Have. Tecnoticias on Wheels

Many drivers would be willing to have a electric car for every day, whenever you have a price which is acceptable to the family economy. I refer to that car to go to work, shopping or pick up children from school. Does not need to be a very large car, but it is a true car.

As it is already becoming a reasonable option for that type of drivers. ZOE Renault is called, has been a few days ago its final version which will go into production, you can book already and they will be delivered the first units this fall. It has five seats, good boot, more than enough power and is very well equipped. Its price is of 14,700 euros (more monthly rental of the batteries). You have all the information about the Renault ZOE to detail, data, photos and even video in Motorpasión future.

If the Renault ZOÉ is a reality among the cars that we drive this year, the Toyota FT-Bh is instead a daring prototype unveiled at the International Geneva Motor Show.

It is a conceptual proposal what we can bring the cars of the future. It is of a hybrid car utilitarian, lightweight and aerodynamic, very daring and suggestive in its design, with a consumption of petrol almost laughter.

Electric bikes at the discretion

This of the electric bicycles It is a sum and continues non-stop models, joining also the list of car manufacturers, perhaps by not losing sight of what could be the future of urban mobility. Thus we have for example the Opel Rad-e, with autonomy for assistance to the ride of between 60 and 145 km (there is nothing).

Smart dares to propose a stronger electric bike model, although you may have problems to sell in certain countries (unless you changed the regulation in this respect). It’s the Smart Brabus ebike, Yes, a bike signed by the Sports Trainer Brabus, with twice the power than a normal electric bike, which can reach the 45 km/h.

Peugeot also. Find me it less strange to see you around here, if you allow it me, since it already manufactured scooters. The Peugeot DL 122 is a prototype of electric bicycle with hollow to carry comfortably and safely our laptop suitcase.

Volkswagen However it does not propose a bike, but an electric moped, moderate but without pedals a bike speed. Volkswagen Bik.e is called and its greatest virtue is that it is folding and is saved in the bottom of the trunk of the car. Don’t miss the video that explains how ingenious your bend.

But if you already have a bike that you like, you can convert it to electric thanks to the motorized wheel dbREevO. It is as simple as remove the front wheel of your bike, put the new, make some connections and electric bike list.

Useful technological advances

Today I bring a cocktail available technologies, or development, which are very good looking. To start we have spoken in Motorpasión future of how the system works from Quick change of battery Better place electric car compatible, checking it in person in Denmark.

We also know by a new study of the Pike Research lithium battery prices could be lowered one-third for the year 2017. But not only move forward to better the subject of batteries in electric cars, engines will too, in fact they make it. Mitsubishi He has presented a new electric motor smaller and efficient (or is that the space of the car takes better advantage and over gets increase something).

The Wireless charging for electric cars is increasingly a reality, so much so that it is spreading gradually between brands. For example the German manufacturer Audi is developing strongly your Audi Wireless Charging System.

Very useful also to take advantage of the electric power in an electric car batteries: the Mitsubishi MiEV Power BOX. Connected to an i-MiEV quick recharging socket allows have electricity at home when the light (the tragedy of Japan last year made them think of this type of options when infrastructures fail).

But technological advances have to be only for those who have a car, but also for those who “ suffer from ” cars. Goodyear and other manufacturers are working on much quieter tyres, designed for electric vehicles, such as for example the Goodyear CityHush EV. Imagine how interesting could be to sleep at night without listening to any type of car through the street or highway (and anyone with a fence will know well what I mean).

Lighter cars = less consumption

Audi not only MSF may be applied to electric vehicles, but to anyone. It consists of using new materials in the automotive industry, metal and plastic alloys (some already known in aeronautics), lighter, but equally resistant. And you know, if a car weighs less, consume less.

The pedestrians they are the weak part in the traffic of cities (I would add here also to cyclists). If you’re in your car, the chassis and the different security features, including airbags, you protect, but what protects a pedestrian if knock you a car? Volvo He has presented an airbag between the upper part of the engine hood and the windshield, so that in case of infringement the pedestrian not is tap so violently against these (with also very delicate areas such as the head).

Chevrolet He has presented in Geneva a multimedia connectivity for advanced phone system, available soon on their models: Chevrolet MyLink is called.

Conclude by reviewing this fortnight with something which perhaps some not had paused to think: lead and manage a smartphone means more road risk than consumption of alcohol or cannabis at the wheel. This for some will be obvious, but I still find myself occasionally people with one hand behind the wheel and Another to the phone.