Hybrid Bicycles BH Emotion Boast of Technology

If when we talk about electric bikes typically look to Japan, specifically towards the Eneloop of Sanyo, in Spain also have good developments in the field of the hybrid bikes.

The BH Emotion they are a reference and boast of technology to achieve the engine to help in pedaling and don’t just push us. It is what they call pedal-assist. Panasonic puts the technology.

BH Emotion, hybrid bikes that help us to pedal

The perception that many consumers have of electric bicycles is that they take you from one side to another. But the ideal is that aid be present also when cycled us, i.e., that help us and lead us not only from one side to another.

The latest bikes from BH, called system E-Motion, It goes beyond. Its system of pedal-assist allows the user to experience an immediate boost in each pedal stroke. To achieve this it has with Panasonic technology.

The basis of the functioning of these BH E-Motion bicycles are:

  • IBS system (Integrated Bottom Bracket System) which allows to optimize the balance of the additional weight of the electric elements to integrate motor, control unit and the torque sensor (which reads the force exerted on the pedal by the user) in a compact unit next to the pedals. With this configuration the engine exerts force directly on chain simulating a constant pedaling, while the battery is hidden in sight in the rear wheel, helping to place the center of gravity in a centered and low position.
  • System FDS (Front Drive System) that incorporates the motor in the front wheel shaft and the torque in the area of the pedal sensor motor traction is exerted directly on the front wheel. This system is precisely what allows feedback during braking, taking advantage of that inertia to recharge the battery.

We can tell you how much we want to help us engine

Something that we like very much of these BH models is the number of modes of assistance is available. In total six support modes selectable progressive jackpots an individual increase of 30% attendance. If we wish, we can opt to cancel complete engine and then the BH E-Motion will work like a classic bicycle, without resistance from the electrical part. That Yes, the extra weight of about 6 kg nobody takes it away.

The control center technology that is included in BH bikes we have it in on a screen where see speed, time, distance, charging battery, lights and of course, the control of the six modes of assistance.

These bicycles allow us to activate the pedal assisted once underway, although we must do it and it is a moment in which we have to look at the screen. It would be nice that such assistance could be automated somehow. For the curious, when we stop at a traffic light, for example there is no danger of that bicycle advance as the engine only starts working when pedalling.

With regard to the autonomy, Lithium Panasonic puts Li-ion batteries and mode Eco, i.e. with minimum support from the engine, reaches a remarkable 105 km, in Normal mode which reduces to 65-80 Km. On the battery charge, 80% is complete in 1.5 hours.

Something that we like very much the proposal of BH is the the bike design, that if it were not for the engine, not I would give us account that are hybrid. There are series for the city, mountain and the road, although I fear that they can’t compete with them. Another year without power going to the Tour de France.

With regard to the prices, they start at 1,200 euros and they can reach up to 2,500 euros, although there is a model of carbon that rises above the 6,000 euros.