How Was the Route Marcia Prado 2010

Whenever I do a cicloviagem, or even a trail, I get anxious and I can’t lie down to sleep. I feel like I’m missing something, I’m going over everything several times, I get tense and it is difficult to get to sleep.

This time was no different. I ended up going to sleep late and wake up to do the route Marcia Prado was tough. I wish I had caught the output of the first group, tonight at 7 A.M., but the most I got was out of the House at that time.

Stopped at a gas station near the House to calibrate the tires and see two friends passing on Avenue, Haase and Bruns. I called them and they stopped to chat. Were fixed, going to meet Larissa, to follow with her by direct Immigrants, without making the stretch of land on the island of Borore.

Invited Me to go with them, but I thanked him, explaining that he’d miss half the fun if you don’t put my bike in the mud. I think the last time she had seen a dirt road had been on the way down from last year.

I was leaving the post when I realized I’d forgotten my cell phone. There does not, huh? As I was going to do the coverage on twitter? I came back, I picked up the phone and I went down to the bike path, which is about five miles from home.

At the entrance to the bike path, an overprotective mother tried at the last minute, convince the daughter out of the route. I had to explain to her what was the bike path, which had hundreds of cyclists coming down and the girl wouldn’t be alone. Disarmed the arguments, the mother had to give in, but still wanted the daughter to do a pose for a photo before leaving. Frowns, the girl started to climb the catwalk and turned his back to his mother, who took the picture anyway.

At the beginning of the bike path, Manicstreetjournal volunteers explained what we would find along the way and encouraged riders to follow into groups. Between them, the experientissimo Marcelo Mig (right).

The weather was great: no rain, no Sun strong. The floor of the bike path was dry. Along the road, many cyclists, following

In small groups.

At the end of the bike path, there were a lot of people. Is that there were a few large groups coming from other cities, like the Scarlet IBIS (Guaratinguetá), about 15 people, and of Sorocaba, with approximately of 50!

The route Marcia Prado really encourages tourism, in all cities. Buses and vans brought the cyclists of other cities until the beginning of the bike path, to pick them up again at the end of the route, already

In Santos.

Coming out of the bike lane, joined the Group of Sorocaba and followed them until the Grajau. Humorous, disciplined, always taking care of each other, then the path. Thank you for coming. And I like to see is that there were several girls riding in the group. That’s right, girls!

Was a little tricky to get on the ferry. I don’t know if the signs placed was insufficient or if she was removed, but fact is that a lot of people had trouble reaching Grajaú. But as anyone who has mouth goes to the beach, we can get.

On the raft, pedestrians and cyclists come before the cars. And it’s very cool to see that mass entering and occupying your space, amid jokes and smiles. A hundred cyclists occupying one third of the ferry, while the rest were occupied by five cars that, together, should lead a dozen people.

Passed the first ferry, comes on Borore Island, a simple place with an asphalt road. There, most of the touring cyclists did your first stop, to go to the bathroom, eat something, buy a water or isotonic. Anyway, moving the local trade, which otherwise would be very quiet on that Saturday morning. Cycling is good for trade.

After a long stretch of asphalt, the second raft. There was even a tent where they were doing repairs, adjustments and to ransom by mechanical problems!

Passed the second raft, an almost rural landscape. Fishermen of hat, horses on the road and even a group of children sitting in front of one of the houses, saying Merry Christmas to all cyclists who walked by,

This stretch of land, relatively long, was a lot of fun, especially for those who enjoy trails like I.

To arrive at the exit to the immigrants, had to wait to join a large group, so that the highway patrol escort us. We lost a lot of time at this point, waiting for the PR decide take us.

Also lost a lot of time to get from there to the entrance of the road maintenance, because beyond the slow pace (ok, for everyone to follow), made us take a ride huge, for secondary roads and access without side, we don’t cross straight to handle interconnection with the Anchieta.

Okay, I understand that not all cyclists who were there had the experience and the cold blood required to wait a moment without cars dating to the handle, to cross once, but it would be much smarter to interrupt the flow of cars at the exit of the interconnection for 30 seconds for the more than 100 cyclists that cross group all at once.

Also seems more secure than travel in stretches with a single runway, without side, as pictured below. But as who was there in escorting was following orders and also because before we superprotegerem that way than to stop us, all right, let’s go. Much better than the reception we had in 2008. And I must admit it was a lot safer than letting cyclists, not all so experienced, cross the interconnection to the lucky, like last year.

Highway patrol Escort

Arriving at the entrance of the road maintenance, there were tents, where cyclists meet a plug with data such as name, address, telephone number for emergencies, blood type, and other data for a possible emergency. It was also possible to buy something to eat and get a t-shirt of the event, by the way very nice (of course I bought one for me).

Before the descent, Manicstreetjournal Institute volunteers there were the State of bicycle locks and

The beginning of the descent is the most slippery snippet. The moisture that comes from the sea meets the saw there, causing fog, drizzle and rain fairly often. At the time I was there, a thin drizzle fell to refresh who was hot. So welcome to the drizzle that I didn’t even think to put a raincoat or hide in the tents.

Because of moisture, there’s plenty of slime on the sides of the track. Among the instructions and tips passed, had to stay in the middle of the road, avoiding the slippery side. The most important thing is not to get excited in the downhill speed, because at the end of which there is always a curve, usually slippery. You may not be able to stop.

Right after the first turn, I start to hear a strange noise in the tire. I thought it was some leaf stuck in the tire, hit the ugly every turning of the wheel. I stopped to take a picture and hear a pssssss very softly and in seconds the tire was on the floor.

A piece of glass had made a cut of 1 cm on the tire and cut up to Timmy’s tape! He was stuck deep in the tire, and every time he touched the ground with the turning of the wheel, penetrated deeper and let the air escape, what caused the noise I heard.

Camera changed, kept going down. I just can’t come down fast on this road. Already gone down three times, but I always stop to take pictures. I can’t resist. The look is beautiful.

As I kept a lot to take pictures, I got off pretty much alone, but with many people passing me by. Every little bit I was talking with a person or a different group. In the waterfalls, where there were several cyclists resting and admiring the landscape.

The maintenance road is part of the Serra do Mar State Park, so at the end of the road there is a roadblock, on a stretch of the park where the input is controlled. Entering the Park must follow on the left by a narrow dirt road that soon turns into the street of a local community. At the end of this street, turn right and enter in urban perimeter.

Been through a small square, we entered the street further to the right after the square and followed up through a tunnel under a road. From then on, train tracks, narrow streets, huge electric power distribution stations, many petrochemical companies and other companies that process oil and gas.

A decadent setting, without life on the streets, without people, the place where mainly food drive. A piece of the city of Cubatao dedicated almost exclusively to move cars. I was encouraged not to take pictures of this place …

Later, a stretch of road, a bridge and more road, arriving at the alive of Cubatao. At any given time, a route card sent us turn right in Avenue. I remember that last year, when signals to turn there, was just to make the cyclists to circumvent a dangerous intersection in order to keep moving in the same direction, but quieter streets. But as this year participated in the Organization, I decided to continue down the Avenue to find a plaque.

Follow the Avenue and no sign. I’m sure many cards were dropped by joke of someone who didn’t know what they were. The route should be flagged by the prefectures of each cross-


A large group was with us, most of Sorocaba. We’re still moving forward. But I, Palmas, Dudu Andrade, and we doubt Hair Aleba if that was the way, until the Palms decided to ask somewhere. And it really wasn’t. I ran to tell the staff that was already ahead, in the wrong direction. Arriving there, we ask information again and we found that we were already almost in St. Vincent.

Had cycled a lot in the wrong direction. We thought we’d go straight for there and back on the beach, but a local cyclist told us that around “here by Carrefour” would be too great and suggested they cut by a road that climbed a hill close by.

Look, up is a form of insufficient to describe what we did there. Started up pedaling, but by then it was impossible to win a slope like that and gave me push. I went upstairs talking to local cyclist, who also pushed, along with your friend who listened to a funk

The climb didn’t end. When it was over, a plan, a curve and most … Climb! Coming on top of the top, without the local cyclist who said he needed to get in another Street to ” up a little ” (!) To get all the way home, we stop to re-group.

The Hair, with your ” adhesive slowly and always ” the helmet, said he had never sweated to pedal. I think that climb I sweat more than the full path … At this point, I emptied my hydration backpack and started taking the water from the waterfall that was in the bottle cage.

Then a sensational descent, quite biased, but it’s over too quickly to offset that increase. Do what. We went out on channel 1 of Saints, as the local cyclist told us, and it was just companha it out at the final point of the route Marcia Prado,

Cross the avenida da praia, crossed the bike path and we cycled the sidewalk until you get a shower, almost in the sand. We had a well-deserved shower to refresh when a municipal guard saying we couldn’t ride on the sidewalk and he could seize our bikes, just wouldn’t do it because I knew we were from out of town and didn’t know the rigidity of the local rules.

All right, riding on the sidewalk is wrong and I understand and accept the flap, even in the absence of any pedestrian on that street that leads to the sand when we passed by it. But I would like the city of Santos was equally strict with the drivers who stick red light, stop over at a crosswalk, accelerate to who’s crossing the street and take of cyclists. The city would be much better. For me, at least, is clear that accidents with cars are much more dangerous to pedestrians than accidents with bicycles. But anyway,

After the bath of fresh water and the scolding of the police, we changed clothes in a bathroom and renewed, we’re looking for some place to eat. We wanted food with “sustanca”, pastel and snacks of the kiosks didn’t want them. A site that was selling candy told us where there was a “PF” nice and cheap and go there immediately. Eat was more important to us than go around the corner, the emissary, get the certificate of completion of course.

The wait for PF

Of rice, beans, flour and chicken just wasn’t unbearable by the presence of so many friends on the table and by the wonderful sunset. Even so I was already almost stressed when he arrived. Should I have waited almost 1 hour. I’ve had people wanting to donate a portion of the dish while mine doesn’t. The bowl of farofa of Gallo had turned. People, relax, you’re not in Saint-Tropez and requested a PF of R $11, played Veronica Mambrini.

To the stylish Joana Rocha was already losing patience because her dish didn’t. ” is that it’s a lot of people, the kitchen staff get lost “, justified the attendant, to see that everyone had already eaten except me and a couple of people. I thought I’d explain that annotate the applications help enough in time, but the food had come and eat was more important. In the end, everyone ate and left satisfied.

A lot of people got on the coast to stay in hotel or in the home of someone you know. Some small groups were formed to share hotel room and negotiate daily price. Others, like me, they come back the same day. Goodbyes, kisses, hugs, headed for the bus station. And that’s when I discovered that pedaling a pedal clip scuff is not difficult as it seems.

Getting there, a bus was already out and everyone bought ticket to embark on it. Thirteen people, all with bikes. The official from the window showed concern to fit all bikes, said that usually only allowed four, but we said we would give a way and he released.

I’m glad these people who pedal tends to be creative. Putting a ” over there, another here “, holding each other with the spiders that some of us took, they fit all.  We just need to get the last wheel, that was sort of diagonally opposite the other. Occupy a little more than half of the trunk

Bikes inside, the bus left. After all that, it’s impossible not to fall asleep on the return trip. About 10 minutes after the bus out, blinked my eye and I woke up with him arriving at the terminal of Jabaquara in Sao Paulo

From there, some took subways with the bike, others biked straight home. On AV. Jabaquara followed a “bonde” half a dozen, me among them. Scuff the clip by cycled a few kilometers to get home, to find Priscilla that awaited me.


Findings Congratulations to Manicstreet journal for hosting once again the descent by Marcia Prado. Municipal governments need to signal the route and make it permanent. Mainly the city of Sao Paulo, where the route has been made official by law. Santos is rigid with cyclists and permissive with drivers. Borore island is beautiful and the Serra do Mar is fantastic. Friends who ride are special. Cycling is something magical.

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