How Did The Meeting Go On The Bike Path From Marginal Pinheiros

Aline Chan released a video of the meeting held yesterday in the Palacio dos Bandeirantes, where he discussed the design of the bike path from Marginal Pinheiros.

Was not exactly a call to hear, as advertised. It was almost an exhibition, with few interventions on the part of the audience. The explanations were that there will be a new meeting to discuss suggestions.

By the project presented, insist on the build footbridges over the Marginal, which is more costly and time consuming than do simple access from each existing bridge. But ok, let’s take a vote of confidence, after all this is still in discussion.

Leisure or transport?

Are predicting a parking lot on the edge of the bike path next to the dam. But what do you mean? The bike path was not for transport? The way it is being done, I guess not. Are predicting only one access at each end (one almost in Billings and another in Vila Olímpia) and future access to parks. This solves the mobility problem, who lives in Billings and works in the park Villa Lobos …

Alright, there may even be parking, that wouldn’t be a problem. You have until your good side, it’s not bad after all encourage the use for recreation and sport of bicycle paths. But no hits on each bridge, flourish: it will not be useful for transportation.

The rider, getting around the city, does not behave like a train and will not follow a path of bike path that is tax. He needs to go to Santo Amaro for Berrini, to Lapa. And it’s not going to ride about a mile to find the point of the bike path and get into it, it has to be clear to the representatives of the public authorities. Without access, does not work for transportation, just to walk around. And let’s be nice to the project, that is fact.


Absences was felt to lack the Secretary of transport and CET. Those responsible for mobility in the city did not participate in the discussion on the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation.

New Marginal

When asked whether in amplification of the Marginal Tietê there was a bike path, like the law, the Secretary of the Green and the environment of the municipality, Eduardo Jorge, replied that there will be bike path in the linear Park, which goes only to the ” border ” of the city. Faced with the legal requirement and the demand by bike path also in the Marginal Tiete, the Secretary claimed that this is other discussion and changed the subject.

Yes, that’s another discussion. A discussion that there was no. And the press (or, who knows) justifies the absence of bike lane saying via Twitter that she will be by security laa in linear park. Of course, so when I need to go to work I’m going to go over the Linear Park and from there I take a cab.

If there is no security for SEGREGATED track is because the project is wrong, very wrong. How can there be no security or for a separate vehicle flow pathway? It doesn’t make any sense! Security is a basic item. Bike lane, the municipal law 14,266 in your art. 11, the boss have no justification.

The New Marginal

Are still unjustifiable and, it seems, unquestionable.

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