Holidays in Castelhanos Beach, Brazil

Holidays in Castelhanos Beach, Brazil

Castelhanos Beach or Castelhanos Beach, located in the state of Espirito Santo, specifically 22km from Guarapari, is a destination that is part of my history. I spent all my summer holidays, until I was 18, by the beach and discovered some amazing tourist secrets. Come and see!

Holidays in Castelhanos Beach, Brazil

Where to stay?

Castilian Hotel has always been frequented by everyone in my family. Although we were not staying there because my grandmother had a cute little house on the last street in town, we always had a friendship with Moacyr, the hotel owner and my grandfather’s friend. Hotel Castelhanos has always delivered to its clients a fair price accommodation and that feeling of being at home. I recommend!

What to eat?

The Castelhanos Restaurant, after all the name could not be different, right? It is one of the best places to eat typical dishes of local cuisine. Among my favorite dishes is the shrimp pastel, barbecue, shrimp bobó and the French steak.

Also, because we love the French filet, my family and I learned the recipe and often do it at home. Check out the walkthrough here =!

What to do?

Castelhanos Beach offers its tourists sunny days and peaceful nights. This is the right place for a family summer vacation, you know? To leave home early, enjoy the beach as much as possible and at night go through the boardwalk, eat a delicious food, have an ice cream and rest.

The destination is extremely daytime and offers a very calm waterfront (about 2km long), with varied kiosks and street vendors selling the wonders of local cuisine and crafts that we love.

Natural pools

The beach’s natural pool area is one of my favorite places to enjoy the day. Walking about 500m to the left side of the waterfront, it is possible to find a formation with natural pools to relax and sunbathe. The region is more deserted, so I recommend taking your beach chair and umbrella.

Whale’s Mouth

If you want to enjoy a practically deserted and much quieter beach, I recommend a visit to Boca da Baleia beach. You can get there by walking for about 15 minutes from the center of Castilian or by car.

Going very early in the morning, it is possible to enjoy a small piece of paradise totally deserted. Boca da Baleia beach offers extremely calm and warmer waters than that of Castelhanos Beach.

Left? I’m sure Castelhanos Beach can be a great destination to enjoy your family summer vacation. Remember that the destination is totally calm and relaxing, which combines with quieter travel intentions and without much hype.