Gyrobike, a Gyroscope to The Rescue of The Clumsy with The Bicycle

Who are parents walk with doubt the arrival of our shoot 2-3 years, on which bike is best for your learning. With stabilizers, without them, Adaptive … is that the solution has the people of GyroBike, After a few years cooking up an idea, finally presenting the European market its learning bike.

The Bicycle GyroBike keeps your secret in the front, equipped with wheel of a gyroscope and an engine intended for that, despite the lack of balance of a possible rider, the bike stays perfectly stable.

This wheel is available in two sizes)12-16 inches), which must connect to an outlet to charge and the engine and the gyro function properly. As you’ve imagined yourself, there is autonomy from through, which is two hours and 45 minutes respectively. Load times are high (16 and 4 hours respectively)

Small complete bicycle Now you can book by 229 lbs, While if we prefer to buy only the front wheel that we can connect to almost any child bike, we would by 115 pounds to the 12-inch.