Good Ideas, Assembled: The Pica Alicante

The DGT falls ill people. It has done so ever, with that of proposing fines and coercive measures, although necessary are always complicated to understand. And now it falls even worse. Get the DGT make good stage Pere Navarro.

Good Ideas Assembled the Pica Alicante1

For at least the DGT then tried to facilitate the work of municipal technicians. We have already spoken on this blog of your hand with suggestions for safe mobility of pedestrians and cyclists, very useful for municipalities wanting to do things right. Although the DGT say that urban planning is not competent is right – and partly because it is not-the existence of basic safety guidelines for the country make life easier for municipalities that do not have budget to hire technicians mobility or invest in consulting.

Good Ideas Assembled the Pica Alicante2

Transversal and sustainable mobility. That called for the DGT in 2011. And global vision. What it has rained.

Good Ideas Assembled the Pica Alicante3

Today we found a small catalog of experiences of urban road safety published in 2011: a collection of 34 initiatives to raise awareness or to improve the mobility of their neighbors, mostly without requiring large budgets in order to buy bike lights. Easy to replicate Curiously, there comes the complaint, the DGT does not allow the download of this manual, and ask 50 € for a copy, although we have located looking for other routes (if interested, look or ask Me, which can be found without paying). If interested, is available presentation (PPT) catalog.

Hierarchy of priorities: first pedestrians, then public transport, and only at the end the private car. Like what you propose now, right?


Proposal Alicante: cycling as urban transport

With respect to the bike, the City of Alicante proposed a plan of cycling infrastructure that has continued to this day, as I could read in the report on activities.  [Note: The Plan has disappeared from the web and now there are references to PMUS of Alicante, but we were able to locate the memory.] works are detailed and have made a measurement of the amount cyclists. A capacity! Data! Is not that sensational?

I would also estimates were included, but you can not make everything perfect. Congratulations to the city of Alicante, which seems to continue infrastructure: has announced the expansion of the network of cycle paths within your PMUS.

Finally, if you want to organize any initiative for safe and sustainable mobility and do not know where to start, they can ask for help from any of these municipalities or take note of their successes and failures.