Fines: Are Pursued The Improper Overtaking Cyclists?

Recently talk about standards and what can be done to adapt it to the cyclists. And today speak of what happens when a normative not is does meet.

The Lord Daniel Maldonado – whom we do not know, but we’d like – was pleased to ask the DGT a report of the fines imposed for not respecting the safety distance when overtaking a cyclist. An initiative made it through the recommended platform Tuderechoasaber, to request free access to public data driven by Access Info Europe and Civio.

And this is the friendly response from the DGT, which answered the request.

2001-2014 penalties failure to observe safety distance riders in Spain. Source: DGT through Tuderechoasaber.

Total, 70 annual fines, a figure really low. 2014 figure does not include the months of November and December.

As well know our readers, in interurban roads have to respect a distance of 1.5 meters when overtaking a Bicyclist. Is a question that causes many doubts and complaints among drivers and whose compliance is scarce, according to indicate many cyclists from road. Seize for remember that them cars can tread the line continuous for exceed to a cyclist whenever not come nobody in sense contrary and not is believes a situation of danger.

The thing is so serious that the Association of professional cyclists (ACP) has expressly requested to be watch with police officers on bicycle, and that an instrument is designed to calibrate the distance that driver to the cyclist.

Sticker of the initiative 1m 50. All rights reserved.

It seems that it is time to enforce this regulation. If not, only will be a paper of no usefulness. Put fines or not for this reason, be careful behind the wheel: every cyclist is a life.

Cyclists must also ask that they comply with the standards. But there are also many drivers who flout them; the difference is that cars can kill and cyclists may die. Take this into account.