Find The Perfect Bike Carrier – Always Be Ready For A Bike Ride

Here comes summer! Do you fancy a bike ride? 🙂 Then it is fine with a bike carrier for your mobile … but how do we find the best bike carrier?

It is useful with bike carriers

Find The Perfect Bike Carrier – Always Be Ready For A Bike Ride

It is useful with bike carriers The best bike carriers

Imagine you are on a bike ride and that you begin to socialize … But eventually you’ll be annoyed, since it is comfortable to have your phone in a trouser pocket. You could of course use the backpack, but so what if your phone rings? It is not easy to get hold of your phone, if it is in your backpack. If you need GPS and a map service such as Google Maps, so it is almost impossible (and dangerous) to keep your phone in your hand while you are cycling … that is why it is good to have a bike carrier for mobile:)

How to choose a good bike carrier?

The best bike carriers


To begin with, there is not just one kind of bike carrier, which is the best choice for all – what’s right for you depends on your needs. We have created a list of four criteria all should take into account when they wish to obtain a bike carrier.

  • Price and quality – it is not true that it is impossible to find accessories of good quality at a reasonable price – it just requires planning, comparison, etc. It is always smart to think through more options.
  • Mark – with a known and reliable trademark follows usually good products, but there are also very good products from companies who are not so well-known. It depends on what you like best – a lot of people prefer brands, while it plays no role for other.
  • Look and feel – design is very important to many of us. If you have a nice bike, you won’t “destroy” it with an accessory that looks disgusting out, surely? On the other hand, it is important that the bicycle stand is functional – you need access to the function buttons, for it is important that you see the entire screen and that holder fits snugly and protects your mobile, etc.
  • Extra factor – do you need a waterproof bike carrier? Do you prefer a certain color? Do you want a bike carrier which has multiple pockets? You will obtain a bike carrier which is as thin and small as possible? Is the material important? All of this falls under the “additional factor” category:)

What is important to you when it comes to bike carriers?

No matter what kind of bike do you prefer, Bridgat offers a wide selection of different models, and you can find them in its online shop.