Failures Most Common to Make Kick Butt

The kick butt It is a classic within the workout routines when working the lower part of the body. Almost all we have ever done it in different ways, since there are varieties of the same, because we can do without weight in the machine pulley, with buckled ankle weights… It is an exercise that will help us get a few more strong glutes, but many times we do not properly. Why, and to correct any anomalies in its execution, we want to highlight the common mistakes when performing the kick butt.

This exercise by involving all the legs tends to make it difficult in many cases to isolate the most muscles that make up the buttocks. For this reason it is necessary that we know the way to do that, because we do not always get it and do that others such as the quadriceps or hamstring affected more that own buttocks are those who really want to work with the kick. For this reason it is necessary that we focus on what we are doing and know how to perform the movement.

The main failure that we tend to commit is much advance the leg that we are making the kick. It is important that we bear in mind that to throw the leg backward, either without or with charge, we should do it simply with the strength of the buttocks. If returning to the starting position we anticipate much leg, i.e. If we exceed the leg that is fixed, we will achieve that intervene the quads and they who carry out the exercise. It is important that we have this clear for directly influencing the worked muscles.

Other failure we often commit is do not take back all the leg that will make the kick. It is important that the kick is deep for the most in the buttocks. Travel must be done, as we have seen, starting from a little further back and taking the leg as far back as possible so the tour we bring to the fewest number of muscles that make up the leg and thus only achieve influence in which we are interested in.

Another failure that most affects our back is the placement of the same. Many people fail to make kick butt by notice discomfort in the lumbar part. This is due to the placement of the back is not adequate, because We bow it too inward When we are in position at the time of the kick. Therefore it for living people is make kick butt in machine, because it will help us to maintain a position suitable to support the trunk and not to bend back. The same thing can make doing the kick about a ball of fitball, which will also give us instability, helping us to work the trunk stabilizers.