Expansion of the Bikelane for Leisure in Sao Paulo

The Bikelane for leisure of the city of Sao Paulo, Ibirapuera Park League, the bicycles and the people, will be extended to reach the Villa Lobos Park this month. Second source on Municipal sports and leisure, the new snippet must be opened on January 23.

Painting and signalling work has already begun. One of the Bikerreporteres of Radio Eldorado was check and published on Twitter several photos that show some of the route. See the following, with the comments made by him:


Complaints complaints about the leisure bikelane hardly question your existence. The complaints usually are about some features of your operation:

Thousands of people are having your first bike with the bustling streets of Sao Paulo in the safety of the Bikelane. Many of these people will start at some point, using the bike also in other situations. That’s why lanes and bicycle paths can be considered new cyclists wombs.

Ok, many of who attend are stillborn ” “, who embark on their suvs when it is time to leave. But just as in nature, where there are species that lay thousands of eggs to result in only a few dozen descendants, bikelane ends up bringing us some evolutionary success. So, let the eggs hatch in the Sun in the morning of Sunday, some of them will hatch in a new generation of cyclists. A generation born devouring slowly the body carrocrata birthplace, from inside to outside, without fanfare, to consume it.

It is up to us, more experienced riders, help these new chicks to pedal without the training wheels of the bikelane, losing your fear of flying and winning your freedom at last. That’s why it’s important for the volunteer work of bike Angel


Despite the points to improve (and note that practically all depend on only the CET), the leisure Bikelane brings benefits to the city, to the ” weekend ” cyclists and cycling in General, accustomed to a few drivers to the presence of bikes not – by direct effect, but by the presence of bicycles going or coming back from bikelane.

What we must pay attention is that iniciaitivas as lanes and cycle tracks (as is the Pinheiros River) are seen as mobility solution for the city, not used as argument to show a work in favor of your use as means of transport. The bike has to be seen as a toy by the public administration. Yes, it can be a toy, but it can be much more than that when viewed through eyes without prejudice.

We cannot allow the city use initiatives like this to convince the cyclists and the press that is working in favor of urban cyclists in the city, easing the collection and getting rid of the need for a serious, integrated cycle plan, comprehensive ecorretamente plan. We want cycling to work, to school, too, to the home of friends, not just a park to another weekend.

More than lanes and bicycle paths, we need respect. Both the drivers and the Transport Department. What occurs in Sao Paulo is that other secretariats, exceeding in its mission, strive to include the bike in the city planning, since the transport Secretariat, organ should promote this advance, wrong move, justifying your inertia with small actions of support to projects of other departments and sub-prefectures.

This situation is appalling and needs change. But that’s not why we will not support the bikelane, a great initiative that brings many benefits to the city of Sao Paulo, mainly in terms of leisure. Even more knowing the commitment that several people in the Ministry of sports, in particular Walter Feldman and Daniel Guth, had for the bikelane got out of paper.

New excerpt as stated in the beginning of the text, the inauguration is scheduled for the day 23 this month, obviously a Sunday. See more details about time/location of the inauguration and the map of the new route.

See the video below as was the inauguration of the first stretch in 2009:

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