Electric Bicycles Bustin’: We Started with BiciMad

If you live in Madrid, surely now you’ve learned that today opens BiciMad, the service of bike rental as part of the public transport in the Spanish capital. You have all the details of this service in Ecomobility.

And what is new in this service? Maybe the most interesting is that we are talking of bicycles that are electric models. Close and similar projects hardly know any as the Lithuanian town of Volnius made within three years or a recent phase of testing in San Sebastian. In the case of Madrid, it’s vehicles in which engine is not the main element to move us, but an aid. If no pedalling, the bike will not move.

Electric bicycles with motor that helps the pedaling

With the Electric bicycle in the city both is not that take us from one place to another unless we do something but serve as support on slopes, when leaving a stoplight or to facilitate the use of this service to people little accustomed to rolling bike.

These bikes are called models of assistance to the pedal. In fact, the electric motor, which adds about 2 kg with the battery to the normal weight of the bike (about 22 in total), is limited to 16 – 18 km/h for safety in the city (of face to pedestrians). When that speed is reached, the system automatically shuts off the motor and only depends on pedaling. But even in single mode bike, the development which is usually 3-5 gears, not allow to reach high speeds with them.

In the control button of the bicycles we can choose If I want to take the engine enabled or not, the level of assistance we want (low, medium and high), the State of charge of battery, and the power button and lights off. Technically, these bikes are integrated a GPS to avoid theft and have them located at all times. In addition, only they can be recharged at the base of the system.

In the case of BiciMad, the system has more than 3,000 anchors spread in 123 stations for a total now of 1,560 bicycles.