Electric Bicycle: Concept Not Used Cables to Transmit Power

The beauty of a bike that you can see in the above image is of far more than a concept, but do not dream that ever can become a real product?

If it did, the electric bike would be called HMK 561 and its creator, designer Ralf Kittmann, could be proud. Its strong, besides the design (comfort does not seem to constitute her best chance), is the material that would be made: carbon fiber.

Making use of its good electrical conductivity, the power conveyed by the own bike frame, without wires from through. He would thus engines placed on two wheels.

So the concept to achieve still more green approach, the braking system would be regenerative and would recover some of the energy in the process.

Pity that, for the moment, other than a prototype, although we must be hopeful because the designer has not been idly and after raising its creation, It has built a prototype that is already testing. How much to ask?