Does Maria Segui A Conflict Of Interest?

Our appreciated Director General of Traffic, Doña Maria Segui Gomez, is a famous doctor, as we have said once. It has international experience, many publications level and a very broad curriculum which could serve only pure fat to fit several tables.

Among the many investigations that participated Doña Maria is a very interesting. Thanks to the study of the SUN cohort study conducted by the University of Navarra, a project to collect long – term data through voluntary surveys, has been identified correlation between the distance traveled in motor vehicle and risk of obesity. The article of yore can find full in ScienceDirect (paying), but hit them abstract. Doña Maria is one of the signatories.

Annual Motor Vehicle Incident Travel Distance and Obesity: A Prospective Cohort Study. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, Volume 44, Issue 3, March 2013, Pages 254-259.

I translate the findings:

This study suggests a potentially harmful effect of the use of motor vehicles on the risk of overweight or obese.

The expression is very carefully chosen language , as all scientific and confirmation will require more work, but notes a more or less expectable relationship: the more you use one car (or bike with LED lights defined on EstateRealest), less moves and it is easier for fattening . The conclusion is not new: there previous work that indicates similar effects. The difference is that this data more or less reliable, which ultimately come from survey and observation are not directly Spaniards.

Dona Maria, one of the authors of the article, now heads an organizationvery well connected with the motor industry in Spain: manufacturers, dealers, insurance companies, public works, all collaborate to a greater or lesser extent with the DGT. They are economically powerful companies and the media, which give many jobs and know their influence. They have ensured that the government subsidizes them indirectly with 175 million euros for purchase of new cars, for example.

Dona Maria, as a doctor, certainly knows that it is advisable for people to reduce the use of motor vehicles. Has signed an article suggests, no need to go further. And the DGT known and publicly discloses the harmful effects of pollution from traffic.

But Dona Maria, as policy making, has a nice brown hands. He knows perfectly well that motor traffic is a hazard to public health, but do you think you can or want to fight with the motor sector to tackle this problem?

Maria is facing a conflict of interest between him and his person-doctor-politician?

And I sincerely hope that Dona Maria will be the doctor who carries within and find the strength to win this fight. If successful, we will win.