Different Ways to Relax and to Enhance Muscle Development

Train, weight lifting, running, jumping, walking … all of these actions are fundamental to keep us in shape and get a body in perfect condition. But we are not machines, and why our muscles have a stop and can reach a few levels of effort. For this reason the rest is an essential part of the exercise. In previous times we have seen that it is necessary, and this time we are going to stop in the different ways to relax and to improve the results of the exercise.

The rest is essential if we want our muscles are replaced the performed exercise. While we rested muscles generate new fibers and grow, especially in moments of sleep, since at these times is when is released the known as growth hormone. It is true that the rest is essential to increase muscle volume, and therefore we want to see different types of rest to know what will help us one or the other.

Night sleep It is more beneficial for all athlete rest, since at this moment is when the body is totally relaxed. This apparent relaxation is not such, since internally the activity is high in those hours. At night is when the body is It regenerates to repair the excesses of the day. This is what happens with muscles, since at night our organism will focus on replacing fibers and adapt them to the effort made during the day. It is necessary to sleep seven to eight hours for this process to be effective and get the desired results.

Rest during the training is important, both when carrying out the exercises, since It’s important between series let the muscles they are replaced to be able to pay the most throughout the entire training session. But not only while we are training you must do this, but also in the same week is not recommended to work the same muscles for several days, since it is necessary that they replaced the already touched, thus avoiding muscle overload which can be counterproductive for our development.

Another form of rest that we must bear in mind is stop train during one week every two or three months of training. These periods will not only serve for greater muscle recovery, but also for breaking the routine of training and influence much more muscles to return back to workouts. For many, this is not a good measure, but a week without training does not represent anything for our body for the purposes of force, but it is very useful to gather ourselves the usual routine.