Cayo Coco, Cuba

Cayo Coco, Cuba

Cayo Coco is the realm of blissful doing nothing. It is beautiful, peaceful, warm and there are no interruptions with ice-cold Mojito and Pina colada. And if you want an active holiday, you can go diving near the coral reef, horseback riding or a cave disco. See MATERNITYETCHIC for Cuba customs regulations and visa requirements.

The neighboring island of Cayo Guillermo can be reached on foot via a bulk dam. There are windsurfing, diving and kitesurfing schools, and flamingos also live there.

How to get to Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco has its own Jardines del Rey airport, where Nordwind and AZUR air flights fly from Moscow 4 times a week. Fly there 12.5 hours, return – 11 hours 5 minutes. Tickets – from 880 USD round trip. Residents of the Northern capital get through Moscow. From the airport to the hotels – 15-40 minutes drive. The prices on the page are for December 2021.

Cayo Coco is connected to the island of Cuba by a long dam 27 km long, 17 of which pass through 14 bridges. Some tourists fly first to Havana or Varadero, then get to Cayo Coco by taxi or rented car. At the entrance there is a checkpoint where you need to pay 2 CUC per car (payment only in CUC).

When traveling along the causeway from Cayo Coco to Cayo Guillermo by car, be careful – there may be cows on the roads.

Cayo Coco Hotels

There are several hotels on the island belonging to one or another global chain, in particular: five Spanish hotels, one Cuban (Laguna hotel), three Melia hotels, one Iberostar, two Be Live hotels, one Blue Bay and one Blau. All hotels have their own beaches with umbrellas and sun loungers. On Playa La Jaula beach (about 2.7 km long) there are Be Live Playa Coco (307 rooms) and Blue Bay Cayo Coco 4* hotels (328 rooms). On Playa Los Flamencos, in the western part of the beach, there is a hotel of the same name. On Playa Las Conchas (0.3 km) is a small hotel Be Live Villa Coco (48 rooms). It is located on Punta Caimanera, near the Spa Acuavida Talaso.

On Playa Larga beach (2.6 km) there are 4 hotels: Blau Colonial 5 * (458 rooms), Tryp Cayo Coco (508 rooms), Laguna (352 rooms) and Iberostar Cayo Coco (338 rooms). On the coast of Playa Las Coloradas (2.5 km) there are two more hotels – Sol Cayo Coco (270 rooms) and Melia Cayo Coco (250 rooms). All hotels on the island operate on an all-inclusive basis.


It is convenient to move around the island on a rented bike (35 USD per day) or a car (for example, the Hyundai Solaris will cost 114 USD per day). There are also buses that stop at hotels (5 CUC – and you can ride all day in any direction).

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The beaches of Cayo Coco

Here, nature is rich and almost untouched by man, because Cayo Coco is a carefully protected nature reserve. The island has more than 26 km of beaches (and over 80 km of wild beaches), among them the protected curved coastline of La Jaula, Los Flamencos and Las Colorados, great for many water sports. In addition, the island is very popular among fans of diving: the largest coral reef in the region is located very close by.

The beaches of Cayo Coco are located in the northern part of the island, so amazing sunrise views always open from here. The total length of the beaches is about 20 km, but, like all the islands of the Royal Gardens reserve, they are separated from each other by coral reefs. Therefore, a romantic walk along the coast without special shoes (and trained legs) will not work.

In total, there are 9 equipped beaches on Cayo Coco:

  • Playa Los Perros is 2.4 km long, which is located on the western tip of the island next to Punta Los Perros
  • Playa La Petrolera 1.2 km long, which is located west of Punta La Jaula
  • The 5 km long Playa Uva Caleta is located in the Ensenada Puerto Coco sector
  • Playa La Jaula is a pretty beach 2.7 km long, where the Be Live Playa Coco and Blue Bay Cayo Coco hotels are located, and continuing further into Playa Flamencos
  • Playa Los Flamencos is 2.7 km long
  • Playa Dorada and Playa Prohibida are 1.3 km and 0.3 km long beaches with a small restaurant. It is located in the east of Playa Prohibida at Punta del Puerto.
  • Playa Las Conchas – small beach 0.3 km with Be Live Villa Coco and Spa Acuvida Talaso
  • Playa Larga is 2.6 km long and is located between Punta Rasa and Penon Las Coloradas. This is the beach at the hotels Blau Colonial, Tryp Cayo Coco and Iberostar Cayo Coco (formerly NH Krystal)
  • Playa Las Coloradas is a very beautiful 2.5 km long beach in the eastern sector of Cayo Coco. Here are the hotels Sol Cayo Coco and Melia Cayo Coco, which ends Punta Coco

Spa and treatment

All hotels in Cayo Coco offer professional massages and gyms (sometimes in very exotic locations, such as huts, by the pool or by the sea). In addition, to the west of the Be Live Playa Coco is the Spa Acuavida wellness center with a saltwater pool. The spa is very popular from December to February, during the so-called “cold front”. You can book a visit at the reception of your hotel or with a representative of Spa Acuavida, who visits all hotels in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo every day.

Cayo Coco, Cuba