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12 Good Reasons to Practice a Sport

The sport is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Click here to know 12 reasons absolutely unquestionable to adhere to its practice. We’re not surprise anyone when we say that the sport is good for health. In fact, we’ve all been informed up to the point of exhaustion, to adopt a style of living truly healthy, we really • Read More »

How to Use the Gym Outdoor

To use the academy to the open air should take into account some factors, such as: Perform stretching the muscle before you start the devices; Perform the movements slowly and progressive; Perform 3 sets of 15 reps on each device or follow the directions printed on each of them; Maintain good posture in all exercises; • Read More »

Climbing at the Via Mathis

Yoann FOULON ambassador TRANGOWORLD  realizes in the Verdon a large climbing route 7c, the Via Mathis on the Cliff of the Escales, Alps high Provence. Presentation of the exit at Via Mathis Date of climbing in Verdon The outing was linked on 13 and 14 November 2016. Location of climbing exit France / Verdon / Cliff of the Escales / • Read More »

Internship At Our site: Tim Introduces Itself!

Our site offers the opportunity to students who took advantage of opportunity, an internship in the editorial office to complete-Tim p. from Hamburg and applied for such an internship with us. Read on if you more internship at Our site want to know about Tim. My name is Tim, I am hobby anglers and come from the beautiful • Read More »

Traíras Barranqueiras

Of the stick smooth to the fly. Check out the six modalities, and the correct equipments to do well in the fisheries of the popular sports and traíra. The betrayed is a typical fish of the south american continent and in Brazil can be captured in any environment, fresh water, rivers and dams, the lakes and • Read More »

Fibromyalgia: Everything You Need to Know

Fibromyalgia is a severe form of rheumatism that affects muscles, tendons, and even the physiology of the brain. Learn more in this pathology here. WHAT IS FIBROMYALGIA?

Tips for Planning Your Training Cycling

You are wanting more results and ability in cycling? It is not difficult, all you need is discipline and training. Create a habit and an approach that works for you. Here are some tips to plan your workout and make the most of their cycling. Check it out! 1 – Set up your bike correctly The primary, before heading • Read More »

Myths and Truths About Physical Activity

Frequent search for quality of life and a healthy body goes by the practice of physical activities and this is not news. Exercise, however, is not simply to put an outfit fitness, make the chosen sport once in a while and already enjoying all the benefits that the practice provides. Quite to the contrary. It takes regularity and • Read More »

Ten Tips for Motivation and Not Leave Training

The motivation It is an essential weapon to combat the sedentary lifestyle, then, like any activity, if we exercise without cause and it is unpleasant for us, it will be abandoned. Find a motive is what allows us to see things through different eyes. I.e. If we can be motivated to exercise on a daily • Read More »

Wii Boxing, to Burn Calories Playing

Technology that seemed a total enemy of the physical activity, This reversing its role to get to the side and take by the hand of physical exercise. The Wii, the famous Nintendo video game console is one of the tools that more applications it has found in the field of fitness and health.

The Danger of The Group Classes

The classes are a good way to get in shape and work the body in a motivating way, however are a double-edged weapon, the intensity of the exercises is usually standard and either, or get bored because the intensity is very low (something that doesn’t happen) or are with the tongue out because it is • Read More »

Evolution of The Step

Gin Miller two decades ago designed a kind of drawer to do rehabilitation exercises by its practice of high-impact aerobics. With it he wanted to perform movements slow and controlled with respect to the sport of fashion at the time and with the addition of the ascent and the descent of the platform to strengthen • Read More »

Tea Aerobic Exercise Helps You Sleep Better

The physical exercise It has been able to demonstrate, through various studies, its multiple benefits on the human body and through the practice of physical activity regular, we can check the relaxing and revitalizing effect at the same time after putting the body in motion.

Kranking, a New Way of Exercising The Upper Train and Burn Calories

The world of the fitness every day more dazzles with new trends and innovations in systems of training. This time, the cardiovascular work is moved to the higher train from the hand of a so-called “manual bike” Krankcycle, to be able to burn calories y toning from the waist up when the legs need a • Read More »

New Product for Exercising with The Wii Fit

In the beginning, the console Wii It generated great discussions about the effectiveness of the exercises proposed by the Wii Fit game. However, it has been found that depending on the intensity and the movements, the activities carried out with video games not only help to burn calories, but they are useful in the treatment • Read More »

“Samba De Amigo”, to Burn Calories to The Rhythm of The Music

The music It has invaded the gyms and has come to the world of fitness for some time to help us to burn calories a fun. But as well as the dance, the video games they are, today, a great alternative to exercise without leaving home, at the same time we have fun.

Deuter Aircontact PRO 70+15 Backpack Review

The Aircontact Pro 70+15 backpack is a Deuter product, a German company specializing in hydration backpacks, travel backpacks, backpacks and sleeping bags. The brand is a reference in the US and Europe, and their backpacks are considered one of the best in the market. Deuter arrived in Brazil in 2001.

Thule Technical Backpacks

Thule, which a year ago was seen only as an accessory company for vehicles, also gained space and notoriety in the segment of technical backpacks. Now known for its quality-widely publicized by outdoor media – the brand has increased its line of backpacks and brought two more options: Thule Versant and Thule Stir.

Ways to Remove the Odor from Plastic Bottles

Ever have taken a big drink of water from a bottle waiting to cool down, and instead, only asqueó you the taste of plastic? Many sport  bottles, in particular the very economical, make that water containing know plastic.

How to Protect Yourself from the Cold?

Learn How To Protect Themselves From The Cold Have you ever wondered why a ski jacket is thinner than a normal jacket? Do you ever happened to that as much as you pull around you still have cold? And those times that long cold and we have so much that we just sweating?