Africa Economy

Africa Economy

The main occupation in Africa is agriculture; it employs over half of the population. Measured as a share of GDP, agriculture’s contribution to the monetary economy is 20% (1990). The industrial sector employs approximately 5% and contributes 16% of GDP. Thus measured, the service sector is of the greatest importance with approximately 45% of GDP. […]

Europe History - Middle Ages

Europe History: Middle Ages

In the mid-700’s, Arab expansion reached its peak. In the centuries before the year 1000, Europe was divided into a Western Roman Catholic-Latin and an Eastern Grass Orthodox-Byzantine Christian culture. In addition, Islam had gained a foothold in southwestern Europe, and pagan cultures prevailed in northern and eastern Europe. The Muslims had invaded the south […]

Flags of Asia 2

Flags of Asia

East Timor The flag derives from Fretilin in 1975. The black represents four centuries of colonial oppression, and the arrowheads are reminiscent of the struggle for independence. The red symbolizes the blood that the people have sacrificed in the freedom struggle. The white star represents the hope of the future. Vietnam The flag gained official […]