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City Tours and Excursions in Las Vegas

City tours Other tours You can get to know the enchanting desert landscape around Las Vegas on one of the many tours offered by different companies. Action Tours offers tours to the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Red Rock Canyon, among other things, organizes wild water rides, excursions with off-road vehicles, horse rides and sightseeing flights. Even Guaranteed […]

Transportation in Las Vegas

Public transportation The Monorail Schwebebahn (Internet:  currently connects eight large hotels and an event center between 7 a.m. and 2 a.m., Fri-Sun until 3 a.m. on a 6.4 km route. In the future, the suspension railway will also run in the center of Las Vegas and offer a connection to McCarran Airport. City buses are managed […]

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Canada is a monarchy in North America and an autonomous part of the Commonwealth of Nations. The country includes the northern half of North America, with the exception of Alaska and Greenland. Canada has an area of ​​9,984,671 square miles and is the second largest country in the world; only Russia is bigger. The country […]

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Las Vegas Nightlife

Going out is the most popular pastime in Las Vegas. The casinos and hotels are also open during the day, but the atmosphere is only exciting after dark, when the city becomes a sea of ​​lights. Casinos, restaurants and bars are crowded with tourists from all over the world. The casino hotels not only host the best stage […]

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Los Angeles Nightlife

The “entertainment capital of the world” is of course expected to have an interesting, diverse nightlife. In fact, you can find nightclubs, variety shows and other venues almost everywhere, where jazz, rock, blues, country or western music is played. Los Angeles nightclubs, like the rest of America, offer a mix of live and recorded music, and the […]

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Los Angeles Travel Guide

City Overview of Los Angeles Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States after New York. She has been given various names, from “La La Land” to “Tinseltown” – the best known name is simply LA. Alternative health fanatics exist side by side with some of the most glamorous and wealthy people in the world. Most […]

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Attractions in Los Angeles

Attractions in Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum This wonderful little arts and crafts museum is often wrongly overlooked. The changing exhibitions (six to eight per year) in the two galleries contain art and handicrafts from around the world and are intended to introduce the cultures from which these objects come from. An additional plus is […]

Attractions in Las Vegas

Attractions in Las Vegas Bellagio The Bellagio has quickly become one of the best known, most visited hotel casinos in Las Vegas and has joined the profitable trend towards European style pomp. It lies in the middle of a four-hectare “oasis” with an artificial lake, on which a northern Italian village was modeled, behind it the […]

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Transportation in Los Angeles

Public transportation Although LA is known as an American city where you drive a lot, the public transportation system is surprisingly good. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA; Tel: (800) 266 68 83 for route information or (213) 922 27 00 for customer service. Internet: has 1500 buses (Metro Bus) – one of the largest fleets in the […]