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Increase the Muscles in a Healthy Way

In search of a body more defined, many people spend hours at the gym daily. But, in order to build muscles efficiently, you need to do more than bodybuilding with frequency. “In fact, doing exercises every day is harmful to the muscles. Who is trying to work the muscles, care must be taken before, during and after physical activity,” explains physiologist Givanildo Matias. A • Read More »

Menu Fitness: Healthy Nutrition Coupled With the Workout

Who is always attentive to the innovations must have already noticed that a new type of cuisine is making success by your proposal. It is called the food fit or gastronomy, healthy, that comes gaining each time more adepts, moving the social networks and helping to improve the eating habits of many people. According to the • Read More »

Tips for Planning Your Training Cycling

You are wanting more results and ability in cycling? It is not difficult, all you need is discipline and training. Create a habit and an approach that works for you. Here are some tips to plan your workout and make the most of their cycling. Check it out! 1 – Set up your bike correctly The primary, before heading • Read More »

The Best Exercises to Eliminate Visceral Fat

The fat that accumulates inside of the belly, called visceral fat, can be eliminated with the practice of exercises, mainly cardio, such as walking or pedaling, or those that combine part cardio with strength exercises, such as gymnastics, functional or crossfit, for example. In this way, the body will burn calories and decrease the fat accumulation • Read More »

5 Exercises for Seniors to Do at Home

These 5 exercises for seniors to do at home have many benefits as help maintain or increase muscle strength, maintain bone density, improve balance, coordination and mobility, reduce fall risk, and help maintain independence in performing activities of daily living. It is important to consult the doctor for a general assessment and, in addition, before • Read More »

Myths and Truths About Physical Activity

Frequent search for quality of life and a healthy body goes by the practice of physical activities and this is not news. Exercise, however, is not simply to put an outfit fitness, make the chosen sport once in a while and already enjoying all the benefits that the practice provides. Quite to the contrary. It takes regularity and • Read More »

Study Confirms That Children of Dynamic Mothers Are More Active

A study of 500 English mothers shows that the more willing and dynamic the mother is, the more likely the child is to be physically active. The information was released this month by the BBC. Contrary to what many people imagined, the child is not naturally “willing” to engage in physical activity. She has a lot of • Read More »

Nike Sports Bras

Our search for the perfect bra never ends, right? I don’t know about you, but I think the bra one of the most important parts for my looks of training, only losing to boot. Hahahaha… Seriously, there’s nothing worse than running or do any other activity sensing that her breasts are “jumping” more than they should or feeling • Read More »

How to Clean a Yoga Mat

Despite its reputation as soft and little physical sport, you know, if you practice, that, in reality, yoga can be very intense physically. And YES, yoga makes sweat, sometimes profusely! All this sweating was quick to get over our poor yoga mat, making an ideal ground for bacteria and other nasty mushrooms. Do not clean his yoga mat regularly • Read More »

Benefits of Wearing Yoga Pants

Having a good pants, is essential. But what does any good?  First, the trousers must naturally sit well, no matter how you move, be breathable, no matter how much you sweat, and how verbrezelt asana may be. Now it should halt also look good, so you can theoretically swing of the hour directly on the bike to you • Read More »

Fitness Exercises for Losing Weight

When you start with fitness or bodybuilding, you have two paths lie before you begin bulking or cutting. Each of the two methods are equivalent in their own way. If one desires to be the second, to so many different answers will be provided so that one no longer sees the weights from kilograms. First, we will briefly • Read More »