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5 Mountain Biking Questions

Like the bike and have discovered the many benefits of making your partner through the city, shooting the city has its charms, its challenges and difficulties. But how about traveling a path in the forest filmed with your partner? The Mountain biking gives us the opportunity to add emotions and different landscapes to our travels. Where mountain biking? • Read More »

Cycling Abbreviations

DICTIONARY OF CYCLING Due to popular demand, we capture in this text a kind of dictionary of terms cyclists on the bicycle, its components, modalities, etc .. You can send us words with meaning or suggest terms that may believe that should be in this dictionary to us in order to expand it and make it • Read More »

How to Choose Sneakers for Running

Choosing the right thing for purchases is very important. This also applies to sneakers. If we approach lightly and do wrong choice, not only will we spend the money, but can also arise health problems that can cause us significant inconvenience. Before you go to the store or market to buy sneakers should carefully investigate everything for them • Read More »

Cycling Shoes with SPD Cleats

Cycling shoes have the task to give the biker a secure fit and powerful pedal stroke. Many cycling shoes are equipped with a preparation for an SPD cleat and can be clicked into the corresponding pedal. Find cycling shoes for every tour! Sole, shoe and fit A shoe must meet different requirements depending on the • Read More »