Plant life and Wildlife in Costa Rica

Plant life in Costa Rica The flora of Costa Rica is very species rich and includes more than 8000 vascular plants. The Caribbean lowland is covered by tropical rainforest, except where it is cleared for cultivation. Along the coast itself, many places grow mangroves. The lowlands of the Pacific have a more drought-prone vegetation with […]

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a republic in Central America between Nicaragua in the north and Panama in the southeast, with a coastline to the Pacific in the west and the Caribbean in the east. The land, which is slightly larger than Finnmark, also includes the island of Isla del Coco in the Pacific Ocean, about 550 […]

Literature of Panama

Literature of Panama

The tragedy La política del mundo (1809), in which the author Víctor de la Guardia y Ayala attacks Napoleon’s occupation of Spain, is the oldest preserved Panamanian work. The period 1821-1903, when Panama was united with Colombia, was characterized by romance. These included the melancholic Tomás Martín Feuillet and Amelia Denis de Icaza, who made […]


Geography of Jamaica

Jamaica is part of the tertiary mountain system that runs through the Antilles, and lies on the undersea ridge connecting Honduras with southern Hispaniola. The area has been submerged, and the older crystalline rocks are covered by thick limestone deposits, which now make up over half the area. Subsequent uplift, cracking and faults have left […]

Art in Panama

Art in Panama

Early colonial art in Panama is associated with the decoration of churches and monasteries. 17th-century sculptures show the influence of the Seville School and Juan Martínez Montañés. Colonial art in Panama is mostly fairly ordinary, and the works are usually anonymous. From the 18th century, religious representations, paintings and a number of altarpieces in Spanish […]

Literature of Jamaica

Literature of Jamaica

The first literature in Jamaica was written by white colonists, with the exception of Francis Williams, a free black man who wrote poems in Latin and English in the 18th century. It is not until the 20th century that one can really speak of some Jamaican literature. Tom Redcam’s (eg, Thomas MacDermot) novels of the […]

Music in Panama

Music in Panama

The music culture has its roots in Native American, European and African traditions. The Native American people have rich and in some polyphonic instrumental music, with the cunas kamu-purui (pan flute), guayamienes tólero (leg flute), drúbulo (conch trumpet ), niví-grotu (ox horn), okarina and a variety of drums, used with song and dance. Of Spanish-African origin, the song dance is tamborito, which is considered the country’s national dance. It is […]


Music in Jamaica

Jamaica’s music is characterized by the meeting of African and European traditions. The island’s native inhabitants, the Taino Indians, as well as their music, were exterminated before the English conquered the island. Maroons, descendants of escaped slaves who established their own communities in the mountains, have preserved forms of music that to this day have […]

rainforest in Jamaica


Jamaica is an island state south of Cuba. The island is part of the Great Antilles group and is the third largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba and Hispaniola. It is slightly larger than Rogaland. Jamaica is the fifth largest country in the Caribbean. The country was a British colony from 1665 to 1962. Jamaica is the third largest English-speaking country in North and South America. The capital and largest city is Kingston. National […]

Saint Kitts and Nevis 2

Geography of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Both Saint Kitts and Nevis are mountainous and of volcanic origin. Saint Kitts (or St. Christopher’s) is an elongated island. The inner parts are completely dominated by three groups of rugged volcanic mountain peaks that are separated by deep ravines. At the far north is Mount Liamuiga (formerly called Misery, 1156 meters), the country’s highest […]