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Washing the Bike

If you defiled the bike to the point of not being able to recognize it, you will need to resort to a maintenance shop to disassemble, wash and do the lubrication. However, you can do what is popularly called “bath the cat”, and clean up a little dirt using materials that you probably have at • Read More »

Security on Top of the Bike: Stay Inside!

Cycling became a lifestyle, the use of the bicycle as a means of transport is a reality in several cities of the country. We know that the increase of bicycle use has also increased the number of accidents. For this you need to be aware of the security measures in transit and during your workouts. In this post we • Read More »

Cycling Brings Health Benefits

Whether On Bike Paths, Parks And Even In The Gym, Cycling Practice Takes Care Of Health And Stimulates Social Interaction. Cycling brings more benefits to people than you can imagine. We save money and save fuel, enjoy the view of the city more, avoid congestion, get more balance, sunbathe, become more disposed and fit, sleep better, • Read More »

A Turn on Electric Bicycle, We Tried a Booster Bikes

The bicycles they are walking in summer and to move the rest of the year from ecological and economical, although in this case the electric are an option to choose many. So nothing better to show you in a video analysis which provided one of the models marketed in Spain brand Booster Bikes. The Bike • Read More »

This Pedal Will Transform Our Bicycle on a Connected Device

We have only a few hours since it started officially the 2015 CES and in the little that we have seen there is a marked tendency in products seeking to monitor something, i.e., sensors for everything, What can skip buying the product full and opt only for a sensor that transform that article into “smart”.

Hybrid Bicycles BH Emotion Boast of Technology

If when we talk about electric bikes typically look to Japan, specifically towards the Eneloop of Sanyo, in Spain also have good developments in the field of the hybrid bikes. The BH Emotion they are a reference and boast of technology to achieve the engine to help in pedaling and don’t just push us. It • Read More »

Potpourri, Memory Cards with Art and Bicycles to Carry

We are already in may, is less for the summer, but we already know that the Potpourri they are not for the summer but year-round. On this occasion, art, sport and tiny things. We started Finally, the tiny things, like the new memory capacity 128 MB to 2 GB of GreenHouse manufacturer. Memories USB Pico • Read More »

Supersonic Bicycle

Arriving to work late? Tired of enduring an obstruction of fright in the morning? You need esto. Ésta bike capable of going from 0 to 96.5 Km/h in just… five seconds!. Much more faster than many street cars, insurance that will help you get to the much earlier.

Turn Signals and Brake Lights Are Going on The Bicycle Helmet: Lumos

Cycling at night has its logical complications, mainly because we do not see as well as we would in the light of the day, by many lighting systems of last generation that let’s up. From the point of view of the safety of the rider, the priority is the other vehicles to see it clearly.

Merge on a Treadmill with a Bicycle? It Is Possible and Fun, But Not Cheap

Multitude of models of electric bicycles, as the Rímac, of great autonomy, or the somewhat more affordable Sondors we have seen this year that is about to end. But what proposes Lopifit goes somewhat beyond, integrating a treadmill on the bike. Thus the displacement is not pedaling, but walking, so that We can go upright • Read More »

The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Propulsion Becomes Bicycles

The bicycle is experiencing a new springtime as an alternative to the means of transport based on internal combustion engines. Pollution is a problem, not to mention the nonsense that assumes, for some mobility scenarios, having to move 2,000 Kg car to carry 80 Kg passenger. But bicycles are not always optimal vehicles, especially when • Read More »

The Bike in The City and Electric Bicycles. Tecnoticias on Wheels

In Motorpasión future we speak especially of hybrid and electric cars, and new technologies in cars. It may seem strange to talk about also bikes, but these do not cease to be a system of alternative mobility further, that in Spain we still have very little into account, but that it is very valid.

Flex-Fit, Gadget for Bicycles

With the beautiful and promising that is this Opel Antara and I without knowing it. Luckily that one you are subscribed to the blog engine Weblogssl and afternoon or early term learning I. Now already always remember this SUV model because it has an electronic system to bring the bike properly fitted by simply pressing • Read More »

Electric Bicycles Bustin’: We Started with BiciMad

If you live in Madrid, surely now you’ve learned that today opens BiciMad, the service of bike rental as part of the public transport in the Spanish capital. You have all the details of this service in Ecomobility. And what is new in this service? Maybe the most interesting is that we are talking of • Read More »

Visiobike, Electric Bicycle Which Will Give Us More Than Just a Walk

We all know that the issue of mobility in cities is something complex and this bicycle has become little by little in the middle of favorite transport, low costs, the benefits to the environment, and of course, health. Because of this, and under the trend of making life easier through technology, is that a group • Read More »

Gyrobike, a Gyroscope to The Rescue of The Clumsy with The Bicycle

Who are parents walk with doubt the arrival of our shoot 2-3 years, on which bike is best for your learning. With stabilizers, without them, Adaptive … is that the solution has the people of GyroBike, After a few years cooking up an idea, finally presenting the European market its learning bike.

Ford E-Bike, Advanced Electric Bicycle Concept

For Ford, the Frankfurt auto show has given much of themselves. As regards us to us, we are left with your concept Ford E-Bike electric bike with the latest technology. In the Ford E-Bike everything is high-tech, starting with the box, design trapeziodal and manufactured in aluminium and carbon. The result is a bike that • Read More »

Neo BH with Hidden Battery Electric Bicycles

It may is usually the month of bicycles. Good weather and new models of the hand of BH. If last year we told you about the emotion, in this 2011 classic signature improves performance of its electric bicycles with new models called Neo. Two are most outstanding innovations of the new BH Emotion Neo. You • Read More »