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Cheetah Bike Headlight

Extremely useful equipment for those who love cycling or for those who are always looking for comfort. The Bike Action torch was made for those looking for versatility and high lighting power. It comes with two quick-release fasteners, which can be used as a head torch and on a bicycle handlebar. Its high-power T6 LED ensures 500 lumens • Read More »

Bike Power Sensors

Power sensors seem to be in the process of democratization. Now easy to install and use, they also display rates more and more content. Power sensors can arouse the interest of the cyclosport pro riders. They can benefit from accurate data on the power developed in real time and to optimize workouts according to the different intensity • Read More »

Choosing Bicycle Lights

Fun lights We see the security features as spray paint to reflective effects initially developed by Volvo. This type of product can be spray on the bike itself or on a garment, wheels etc. Safe and decorative elements are also available and give a unique look to your bike (€50). The manufacturer American Monkeylight is one of • Read More »

Snow Cycling Tips

Our site: embarking on his mountain bike when the paths are covered with freshly fallen snow is a particularly special experience. But that also requires a custom cycle engineering so that you don’t slip and get caught up too much. Cycling in freshly fallen snow is an experience that you will never forget. The familiar paths as • Read More »

Mandatory Helmet: Associations Requested Amendment Back To The Senate

Leo percent wind ‘s blog Alfonso Triviño, of the Association of Professional Cyclists, and I now hear that several opposed to the mandatory cycle helmets associations have sent a request for amendment to the Senate with respect to the text agreed at the suggestion of CiU . that we talked in his day still can stop the law, although it is complicated. it is necessary that the • Read More »

Driving On The Road: It Is A Matter Of Selfishness And Comfort

We not, that the sidewalk bike not going well. It is not circulating in comfort. And I do not mean those pesky pedestrians who insist on walking around as his legitimate site. * It is a much simpler matter, speeds and paths. You see, a bicycle, save it be Ruedin, ** requires a minimum speed to stay in balance, slightly higher than • Read More »

EagleTac Flashlight Reviews

The EagleTac SX25L3 is a great flashlight – on a side switch on and off directly on the lamp head. As with EagleTac usual, is also the operator of SX25L3 on the lamp head. Even if the use of each mode should listen a bit cumbersome. I would at this point first like that you do not need to adjust • Read More »

Best Bicycle Lights

Those who ride in the fog, or more simply after sunset can not do without the bicycle lights. Classic reflectors are not enough: they are not visible at high distances and especially not light the way to the cyclist. The market offers different types of bicycle lights, the most energy efficient are undoubtedly the LED • Read More »

Keyring Flashlight

Like everyone, I have my times in key concerns me. It is therefore part of my EDC, these objects that prevails everywhere. Since this is an EDC, so make it as useful, effective and practicable. And all key door-respecting should pick a flashlight. I personally use the Cooyoo Quantum since I lost my Petzl E + Lite but we will return. Drive if • Read More »

Best Bike Lights for Night Riding

From late October to change pose a rider weight constraint budding you are: it gets dark much earlier! The outputs are then shortened and what cyclosportif did not trap at least once? Too long a course and return at night with very little visibility, a prayer to each passing car! Here are some things to plan • Read More »

Best LED Flashlight for Cycling

LED Lighting As we have seen there are many benefits that result from the use of LED lighting and especially of LED flashlights in cycling. Essentially the positive aspects in the short and long time will address the fact that whenever they’ll try a torch or because they lack the power or because we have • Read More »

What Lights Should I Take for Bicycling?

Each evening we see dozens of people happily circulating out there without lights on their bicycles. And at night, be visible, that is what are the lights, is an essential security measure. There is to make it visible. But it is not necessary to look like a Christmas tree. We told you how is the • Read More »

LED Forehead Lamp for Bicycle

Although the variety of bicycle lamps on the market have been tested thoroughly and produced in innovative designs, so it is not always, it seems, they provide enough lighting. Especially in the really dark months when the sun goes down early, you can have great benefit of a forehead lamp is the perfect addition to • Read More »

Tips For Selecting Approved Bike Lights

Rules for bike lights and lights on the bike It is mandatory that you must have approved bike lights mounted on your bike. All bikes must have lights on from sunset to sunrise. According to the National Cyclists Federation your bike should have at least one headlamp and at least one taillight. The lamps must • Read More »