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Cycling Abbreviations

DICTIONARY OF CYCLING Due to popular demand, we capture in this text a kind of dictionary of terms cyclists on the bicycle, its components, modalities, etc .. You can send us words with meaning or suggest terms that may believe that should be in this dictionary to us in order to expand it and make it • Read More »

Types of Bicycle Locks

The nuts and bolts for the prevention of bicycle theft To not sometime to be among the victims of bicycle theft, a stable bike lock should be the basic equipment of every cyclist. Only the question arises, what is the best castle. In addition to the completely useless cheap locks for often less than five euros • Read More »

Safest Bicycle Lock

  Though one has assured his bike, then it will always be hard and annoying to have it stolen. It means lots of hassle: It must be reported, and to write maybe a call and sends out. The worst thing though is that it has lost its means of transport, so you have to think • Read More »