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Cycling Abbreviations

DICTIONARY OF CYCLING Due to popular demand, we capture in this text a kind of dictionary of terms cyclists on the bicycle, its components, modalities, etc .. You can send us words with meaning or suggest terms that may believe that should be in this dictionary to us in order to expand it and make it • Read More »

How to Choose Helmet for Cycling

The helmet for cycling is an indispensable element for the cyclist and should offer maximum lightness, ventilation and must have an aerodynamic shape. This object is of fundamental importance for the safety of the cyclist, which in case of accident will have an approved support for head protection. There are two types of helmets by • Read More »

How to Choose the Right Mountain Bike Helmet

To blast safely on your mountain bike procured a helmet. Colorful, aerodynamic and modern helmets for biking are indispensable. Register: every day online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home with style.

How to Wear a Bicycle Helmet

Use the bicycle is a healthy activity for the wellbeing of body and mind and is a means of transport that respects the environment. Remember to be cautious, be careful and always wear a helmet safety. Although in Italy, today, for cyclists does not apply no obligation to put the helmet, it is appropriate to • Read More »

Obligation of the Bike Helmet

There are new legislative in France. On the one hand, will have fixed them details of the program of payments by go to the work in bike (indemnité kilometrique veil, IKV). For another, the helmet will be mandatory for children under 12 years in France, as indicated on BFMTV (in French). If you want information • Read More »

Helmets for Men

There is one thing in common for cycling, skiing and snowboarding: they are all about speed, and can be dangerous. But they are the most exciting, gripping and life-affirming sports. These sports are dangerous, so you can’t just put a headband but a helmet. With the different helmets, you are guaranteed the security for you • Read More »

Bicycle Helmet For Children-Red With Racing Motif

Bicycle helmet from Polisport. Polisport has focused on safety, comfort and quality in their stunning bike helmets, which helps to ensure your child in traffic. Simple locking system Solid EPS outer shell Comfortable and washable padding Cheap and good bike helmet There is a real speed on this bike helmet-on top there is a finish • Read More »