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CY-Fi Speaker, Speaker for Bicycle

A year after its introduction, the Cy.Fi Speaker you are ready to sell. But, what is this curious contraption? Because it is of a portable speaker with a twist. It is specially designed to be used on a bike, although they also recommend it if we go camping or hiking to the mountain, having a • Read More »

Winter Leather Gloves

The first thing that comes to mind with gloves, cold and winter. Here gloves are much more. What would be, for example, a bride without gloves? A lady without forearm gloves?But somehow not quite perfect. Or to many evening or gala dresses belonging to a perfect outfit sometimes just a glove. These gloves are of course fine and noble work, just especially • Read More »

Cycling Abbreviations

DICTIONARY OF CYCLING Due to popular demand, we capture in this text a kind of dictionary of terms cyclists on the bicycle, its components, modalities, etc .. You can send us words with meaning or suggest terms that may believe that should be in this dictionary to us in order to expand it and make it • Read More »

Knitted Gloves with Fleece Lining

Women knitted gloves are perfect for autumn days when there is not too cold. And everything warm gloves hands are not so many as to knit “comrades”. But they are beautiful and stylish accessories to complement the image. It often happens that dress, you know, the image of something missing, some small, but extremely important • Read More »

Contigo Grace Water Bottle Review

In this post, I introduce you the new Contigo water bottle grace before. Anyone who has once tried this great bottle, necessarily want her. The’s water bottle of grace of Contigo is thanks to its innovative Autoseal® technology can be operated with only one hand and guaranteed leak-proof. Contigo opts for high quality and functionalitywith the bottle of grace used. In addition, • Read More »

MTB Gloves Online

The motocross brand 100% has made by its eye-catching sunglasses a name among mountain bikers. The winter gloves Brisker in BIKE test. Snowy, icy mountain bike trails are a real challenge for the driving technique. Even if the hands are not stuck in clunky ski gloves. As an alternative offer several manufacturers such as Wholesaleably lined MTB • Read More »

Types of Bicycle Bells

Many do not want it to believe, but without Fahrradklingel you would for two reasons on the road at risk. Warning – Fahrradklingel Firstly, it naturally serves as a warning signal. But not only people to draw attention to themselves, when they can not stop at the roadside, but also when driving under a bridge. Does the • Read More »

Usage Data: Bicycle Barometer

Last week, The network of cities by bicycle held in Murcia hours bicycles, cities and people, which counted with papers of great interest, especially communication and those relating to public bike systems. Act followed, the Assembly of this network chose to the new Presidency and Board Directors for the period 2015-19, that has relapsed in • Read More »

Can Water Bottle be Too Old?

CLASSIC: Half a bottle of water left in the fridge for months. And there is still a little water in the pitcher, who has been on the table since last week. The water Looks great. But it can be drunk?   A bottle of water on a hot summer day can be a godsend. And even if it • Read More »

Practical Bike Baskets

A bicycle basket can really make life easier if you swear to the bike as its primary means of transport. It can be very inconvenient to have to have both the bag, shopping bags, and what else you need, with on the bike. With a bicycle basket, you can have it all. There is a • Read More »

Bike Helmet Camera Reviews

Are you well equipped in terms of your bike? How it looks within the helmet camera? A professional helmet camera product raises already cycling joy of the first step of the pedals, and shows itself from its best sporting page. In the great variety you will find all producers who develop helmet camera products. From • Read More »

Heart Rate Monitor for Bicycle Training

More and more people grow regularly the one or other form of sport. There is a growing awareness of the many health benefits that are now a time is to work out and stay in shape. It’s easy to denounce it and stays in front of the television, but today at all to one’s well-being, • Read More »