Bombards Your Arms So They Grow

Many of us have dreamed of someday having arms perfect, big and hard as rocks but have always thought there to be hundreds of thousands of repetitions of our biceps and triceps. Today we are going to explain a routine for bomb the arms so they grow in thickness and volume.

First of all, although from HowStuffWorks we have already spoken hundreds of times this issue, is important to note that arm volume gives triceps (three muscles) and not the biceps (two muscles), so when you talk of bomb the arms so they grow We speak not only to arm curl, but is as important or more triceps work.

As you can imagine this routine is called the & #8220; Bombing of arms“ and carried out with superseries, which are no more than two consecutive years, curl biceps followed by press French for triceps and no rest between them, i.e., each series consists of both exercises resting after each series marked time. With this we achieved a greater congestion and a more intense work in all arm.

This routine is devastating for arm so that as you can suppose It is not intended to be made by beginners, so if you take few months in the world of fitness and weights, please think before I order. It is best that you wait at least one year and have a good level to perform this routine.

The bombing of arms It consists of one day every three months of training into your routine nomal. Yes, just a day, and it should be a day that do not work because you are going to train all day. You can do it at home with some dumbbells and bar (normal or EZ), so may be a Saturday, a Sunday or a holiday even if your gym is closed.

You must take a affordable weight You can move with agility and produce you a good congestion, so forget about the excessively high weights. You can at the beginning or average tomorrow think that weight that you’ve caught is laughing but from a given time (not I can concrete the moment) If you’ve got too much weight can not nor move the arms. You have to be clear that in the middle of the routine you can feel the famous wall the marathon and want to leave so keep your concentration throughout the day.

The routine is very simple, in the following table you can see it in full, but before you get to it I suggest you eat good amount of carbs the previous days and let any weight training three days earlier, albeit of another muscle group. Here the routine going:

Once finished the qualifying tomato a day of total rest in the gym and on the second day he trains normally. On the third day you will notice the increasing the size of your arms (according to ensures the routine 2-3 cm, personally when it I forgot to measure them before but that he saw them as two balls of basket), that Yes get ready for pain!!!