BMW S1000RR World Superbike, Cucumber!

The new supermoto BMW, the BMW S1000RR World Superbike, It has been today same unveiled in Munich at a press conference, and have already come to us the first official photos. Simply stunning, this new Superbike intends to break with force into the market of the Supersport’s Road, but also tries to hit hard in the circuits in high competition. You will no doubt remember when we discussed that BMW would be in World Superbike in 2009. Well, it is already confirmed: BMW will participate in the 2009 Superbike World Championship and will do so on the backs of this beauty.

Come up with some details, though to be honest the data that we most hope to meet have been secretly… at the moment.
Notice that this bike finishes are not the definitive, because it’s a prototype, from BMW Motorrad want to make it clear that they have conscientiously worked to get a bike capable of rivaling with Bush the range of the sector. To this end, the BMW S1000RR will be propelled by a 1000cc four-cylinder in-line engine, and as drop “on the engine there will be some peculiarities, especially in the butt”. Intriguing, but being BMW, will be good.

By technical requirements, he has dispensed with the BMW Duo levee in the undercarriage, all of this is beside the point of the requirements of compactness that this model requires.

With this model BMW Motorrad wants to engage with the sector in the medium term, that is welcome, I think. Going direct to the chicha of the topic, which is the commitment of BMW in the Superbike World Championship, they are prepared for anything, as it could not be otherwise. With the reality at hand, the goal for 2009 is be asiduemente among the first ten Classi identified in race, for then, in 2010, to try the regular assault on the podium.

Finally, the only option is the of proclaiming themselves champions of the world of brands, which should be the goal for anyone. Certainly mood shouldn’t miss you in view of this monument of prototype, and the doubt that my I corrodes is, who will drive this S1000RR? Who will be the Manager or managers, put it together and convey their expertise to the development of the bike in competition?
Waiting for more technical details and the final form of this prototype, as well as details on the participation in the World Superbike, We leave you with photos and a link to the press release from BMW Motorrad.

Oh, and you can click on the photos to see them bigger…